Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Grannies Having Fun

Mary and I regularly meet for an early morning walk. Mary has a son in New York, with a daughter just a few months older than my Nora. As you can imagine, we help one another through the tough times of not being able to visit our Grandchildren and their parents. We don't complain. We know it is what it is and so many others know real suffering from Covid19 and its domino effects.

I am in training for a 4 day hike in the High Country of our Snowy Mts National Park. My husband and I leave on Tuesday. Mary has been keeping me on track with fitness training locally.

On this day, we set off at 5.30 am, with just a possible chance of rain. Our weather at the moment is extrememly hot and horribly humid. The sweat begins to run down one's face almost immediately, even at this hour.

The sky looking ominous as we commenced our first climb, of our steep local ridge.

It was soon bucketing down.

It eased, as we bridged the ascent, long enough to take photos to send to our Grandies.

We had so much fun, dancing and singing in the rain and completed 13 km of multiple laps.

After much laughter, fully drenched and having ascended and descended the ridge 3 times, we began to make our way home. The gutters and parks were flooded.

There were very small birds hiding and singing in this sodden grass.

A few day's later I was on the ridge by myself. I added a new track which was steeper and unmarked. Alas, I managed to jab my calf on a small stump. Blood was oozing, so I made my way back to the top of the ridge and rang my husband to meet me in a nearby street. Imagine my surprise when this gorgeous creature scuttled up a tree within metres of me, as I made my retreat.  Had I not injured myself I would not have seen him. I must add, that I have been trying to spot koalas in this bush, on every walk for the past 6 years!

Other bits and bobs.

Our golf course duck family of 18.

A recent Hungry Hiker walk was through lovely bush.

Hollow tree stump.

A Gaiter Girl hike through Venmans Bushland Reserve. So lovely to see water in the swamp again.

Thursday's hot sweaty workout on the ridge!

Tiny orchid in my garden. [thumb size]

Agapanthus and tiny friends.

Last week the Hungry Hikers had a cultural outing. The Murwillimbah Art Gallery, just across the border in NSW, was hosting the Archibald Prize Portraits. 

In an adjacent room of the gallery, Kenny Pittock's sketchings were on display. Communting to work by train, he spends his time making simple drawings of the actions of those sitting near him. Clever as they were, it was his humorous captions that kept us slowly moving around the room. Laughter errupted regularly.

Strolling to the theatre.

A bonus of leaving for yet another early, hot, sweaty, training walk.

The corellas seem to have taken up residence in the trees along the fenceline of the golf course. Noisy,  but fascinating to watch their daily antics. There seems to be a daily, raucous, awakening of the flock predawn. Similarly at sunset and mass flights regularly through the day. 
Their dawn flight as I watched this sunrise.

Life has been extremely busy in the past few weeks but magical nature and amazingly special friends have been there with me. 
I am so fortunate and thankful, to have the freedom to move freely around our beautiful countryside. 
I trust you, the reader are keeping healthy and staying positive that Covid will soon be controlled through the various vaccination programs.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of rain! Looks like you and your friend had fun anyway. Love that you sighted a koala! How cool is that?

    1. Spotting a koala is super special. Today we saw at least 5 wallabies hopping off into the bush from the gardens leading to our climb. That too, is very special.

  2. You remind me of Mary Poppins, Helen, as you stroll through the water with your umbrella. You are really serious about your training! Good for you not letting weather stop you. I love your sunrises. Ours have been mellow lately. I walk alone, so I do envy your times with friends, but I'm sure glad you share your happy moments.

    1. Barb, we were certainly trying to have as much fun as Mary Poppins. The author of the book, that Mary Poppins is based on, lived just a couple of hours north of where I live, in a town called Maryborough.

  3. What a wide variety of subjects! I'm in training to be able to walk the 100 yards to the mailbox and back. Nice post, as always.

    1. Bill I hope you are managing to get to the mailbox and back before the sun sets!
      One of the consequences of Covid is that we now only have a delivery every second day. That might help you! Cheers.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos and the beautiful photos. The ducks were hilarious, certainly in a rush. The koala was a priceless photo opportunity. The birds at sunrise are glorious! You enjoy nature for sure!

    I imagine you are into the four day trek by now. You certainly trained well. Have a wonderful time!

    1. Yes, I giggle every time I watch the duck video. They are still all doing very well. We see them grazing regularly.
      I am so very fortunate to have such ease of access to our nature. We leave on Tuesday to drive to the Snowy Mts. The walk begins Friday. I am looking forward to the much cooler temperatures.

  5. I am so happy for you, getting to see the koala in the bush! I know how exciting it is to capture on "film" something you've been endeavoring to capture. I got a photo of a pheasant within the last week or so. (I haven't posted it yet.) I also loved your sunrise sky. That had to be an inspiration! You are amazing. Good luck on your four-day hike!

  6. The sky certainly was glorious, but the humidity was still energy sapping. I am so looking forward to hiking in much cooler weather.

  7. Wonderful sky. This post makes me feel so happy!