Monday, 31 August 2020

Together but Apart

My youngest son moved to Graz, Austria, in November last year to commense a new job. Opportunities to meet people were curtailed in March with the onset of Covid 19 restrictions. In May some shops opened, but outdoor activities came much later. He has been working from home, with just an hour zoom meeting each day, with 4 of his colleagues. It has been quite lonely for him, so he has revelled in the opportunity to hike in the Alps during the past two weeks of his granted holiday. We we were to visit him at the end of the month, so I have been green with eny, but thrilled for him.

It has been a coincidence that my photography has mirrored his, but in stark contrast.

He was up early on Friday 21st to watch the sunrise. At approx the same time I was spellbound by our sunset colours.

The day before he sent me photos of where he was hiking in the Alps. My hike with my friends on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail was just concluding.

Another day he mountained biked past fields of cattle. [note the background craggy peaks]

Goats were often on his trail. We had cyclists and views of kangaroos.

On Thursday my friends and I hiked the Somerset Trail at Mt Mee. At the midway point, there are lovely vistas to the ranges in the west. Matthew on the same day was hiking the craggy peaks seen in the background of the 'cows grazing pic', above.

On Saturday he got drenched and we had 2 mm of rain. Our end of winter temperature was 
13 C - 21 C.

I definitely live in the 'The wide brown land. The land of sweeping plains.' - Dorothea McKellars, My Country.

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  1. You will have to be a world traveller to just keep up with your family, Helen!

  2. Love how both you and your son are doing the same things just in different places. I'm sure you miss him, being so far away. Glad he is able to take in the local scenery.

  3. Ahhh...the world is such an incredible place, the vistas, the creatures, the sunrises and sunsets.

    I hope you will have the opportunity to visit your sons in Austria and Prince Edward Island soon.

  4. I think you are both very lucky. I hope that before be are all too much older things will be more like the way they were. Super post, Helen. Stay well.

  5. What beautiful views each of you has! It's wonderful to be able to share them easily with text messages and emails, etc., but I'm sure you'd love to be able to visit in person. I hope it will be sooner, rather than later. I can't imagine how hard it is to be so far away! Hugs!

  6. Wonderful photos from both places!
    The last one is fabulous. Is the white thing... water? :)
    Stay safe and well! xx

    1. The waterfall was in full force from the heavy rain. It must have been quite a sight to see.

  7. Amazing pictures, the colours are some vibrant, specially the blue in the water. Take care :)

  8. Love the contrasts between the two countries - yet united by so much beauty.

  9. Beautiful pictures of Australia & Austria! It's nice to have this way to connect for now.

  10. What an interesting way to stay connected and show the contrasts between two vastly different continents

  11. I like the juxtaposition of the two places. I love the goats on the trail! Glad to see you're still hiking.