Thursday, 5 March 2020

Return of the Rain

12 February

The wet season finally arrived, amid grim forecasts of limited falls. Thankfully the weather Gods decided to give our parched land a reprieve, and vast areas of Queensland are rejoicing. Good follow up rain is necessary, but the future for land owners is far brighter than a month ago.  Sadly, there are many who are still waiting.

The forecast for this Wednesday was for some heavy falls. Making plans, we were still not convinced that the weather Gods were on our side, so we created a flexible plan for a walk in the city.

We met at Southbank at 8am, when the heavens opened. The alternative plan was to find a restaurant for breakfast. 

Success and we were not too wet.

An hour later the skies were clear enough for us to set off on our upstream river walk.

Crossing the Goodwill Footbridge to walk along the new Mangrove Boardwalk.

Indigenous totems have been sandblasted into the concrete walkway.

Statue of a Kingfisher believed to live amongst the mangroves.

Staying 'active' in the Waterline Park. Top L - 3 metre high letters spelling "All Shape" [?] and providing unusual seating.

An amazing, solo mangrove.

Midway to our destination of the Queensland University, the showers returned intermittently. The decision was to move to the next alternative plan. Catch a Citycat back to Riverside, refresh with a coffee and walk to the Crossriver Experience Centre, opening at 10am.

2025 will see the completion of an under river rail line, with 4 new underground stations.

“The Cross River Rail Experience Centre is a community engagement and education hub developed in partnership with Queensland Museum, providing detailed project information, digital engagement experiences and learning opportunities for visiting members of the public as well as school groups. A purpose-built VR Station, lets users guide themselves through River Rail's future stations and over station precincts, to develop a sense of just how significantly the project will assist Brisbane with its ongoing develoment as a world class city."

We were very impressed.

Two days later, the heavens opened on all of SE Queensland and it was with unnecessary fear, that we watched the golf course ponds rising rapidly. In 2017, the deluges of Cyclone Debbie, saw the water rise to within inches of our back patio. Thankfully there was not to be anywhere near a repeat of that devastating flooding.

At 4pm, using my 30 time zoom lens on my camera, I spied the Albert River, [ bordering the golf course] about to break its extremely high banks.

I was awake before sunrise to check on the flood levels and was greeted by a multi-coloured sunrise. These images were taken on my 5S I-phone and the colours have not been edited. I was amazed.

The river here is tidal, so the water sat for most of the day. The Australian White Ibis had a wonderful morning feeding along the flood shoreline. 

Four days later, I was the only Gaiter Girl available for a walk. I set off at sunrise to complete a 15 km circuit, door to door.

A more tranquil Albert River.

I love our trees and the return of the "green'

Many minutes were spent watching homing pidgeons, enjoying their morning excercise.

Wait for me!

Lush, lush green! 

My identification [not gospel] - Great White Egrets.

An enchanted laneway.

Impatient Corella.

And finally, a very welcome and long overdue visit, of a green frog. His croaking was a delight to listen too.

A photo is better than a thousand words.

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  1. I'm so glad. Lovely post, Helen.

    1. It's magical Bill. I've just added up our rainfall total for the ear so far - 30 inches!
      Nothing like it at this time of year, for a long time.

  2. The green is so good and so many lovely birds but I wish the kingfisher had been real ... I love kingfishers.

  3. I agree Joan. I think one would have to be very, very lucky to see a kingfisher here. I love spotting them but it doesn't happen very often.

  4. Rain, glorious rain! I'm so happy for those who have received it. The rains brought a beautiful green to many of your photos. That ABC Brisbane photo comparison is such a stark contrast. I loved your sunrise over water photos.

  5. What a great city for lovely walks! Your photos are wonderful.
    I too am happy for the areas that finally got rain... and hope a nice amount (=not too much) of water to those that perhaps still didn't receive it.
    The frog is endearing. :)
    Stay safe and healthy!

  6. I can only imagine the sense of joy you all feel that you finally have rain. It must be wonderful to see everything greening up and to have all those delicious odours associated with the process. Your breakfast looks very tempting!

  7. Wow, the transformation in that last photo is amazing. How nature can pick itself up off the floor never ceases to amaze. Here's hoping that the rains continue to refresh your parched land without causing floods and damage.

  8. Beautiful shots and hope the rain cools things off.

    1. Thank you. There has been a definite change in temperatures in the past week. Quite an unusally early autumn feel to our mornings and far less humidity during the day.

  9. I love the walks - haven't seen those umbrellas for a long time! The rising waters near you were scary - glad they didn't get closer. The birds and wildlife are a joy to see. Everything is so green again!

    1. Barb, we are still being overwhelmed by the beauty of the green each time we are out and about.