Thursday, 19 December 2019

Getting in the Festive Spirit

Wednesday 11 December

Festivity hadn't been our original plan. Several weeks prior to this walk, Hiker Leanne suggested an evening walk here at Shorncliffe Pier, to beat the heat and watch the full moon rise. The plan progressed with Leanne suggesting that if we put in money, she would provide prawns and salads to enjoy in the evening cool.

We all arrived in the carpark at 2.30pm. It was very warm, the wind was raging and visibilty was quite poor, but as you can see below, Leanne's afternoon tea provisions quickly had us finding not only our hiking spirits but those of Christmas too.

Setting off around the bay. 
Low tide and rough seas gave interesting vistas.

Of course we had to play as well as walk and talk and laugh and tease and ..............!

Six kilometres walked, we then reversed direction to return. The sky was filled with ominous stormy clouds. A quick check of our weather radar site, had us relieved that the storm would pass us by. It was heading to where it was definitely needed and some good falls were received.

Almost back and the high tide was crashing on the wall.

No specatacular sunset tonight.

It was now that we realised that Leanne had gone over and above her duty to provide us with sustenance for the evening.

This was not going to be an ordinary evening on the pier but one truely memorable.

Time to moon watch. We were not at all hopeful.

Our brief sighting!

Who wants to see the moon anyway! Dinner!

Windswept, but feeling filled with the Christmas spirit, we reluctantly returned to our cars about 9 pm. The Christmas spirit followed us home as we passed so many beautifully lit homes and buildings. This wonderful display [only 1/2 of it] was in the grounds of a church.

A fabulous night with these fabulous women! Twelve kilometres walked and  a delicious gourmet spread in an elegant setting, thanks to Leanne's culinary artistry. We really didn't care about the sulky moon.

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  1. What wonderful friends you have! A fabulous walk and dinner.

  2. I hope the clouds did some good someplace--- I wish you and all of your delightful pals a very merry christmas!

  3. You gals have so much fun! I always smile as I see your smiling faces. Leanne really outdid herself on that festive spread. I bet you were all tired after that long but fabulous day.

  4. You guys sure know how to have fun! Merry Christmas.

  5. It is so foreign to me how you go about getting your fill of the Christmas spirit! What a wonderful evening you had with your friends!

  6. I have said it before, Helen, you ladies know how to live. If any group ever squeezed every drop of pleasure out of life it is this one. My favourite picture is the one of you all holding your glasses together. There is a whole lot of life life lived and experiences enjoyed in those hands. I send you all my admiration and undiluted love from Canada to Australia. I salute you all and look forward to hiking with you again next year.