Monday, 30 December 2019

Christmas Colours and the Best of 2019

Tuesday 31 December

A quick catch up!

Two weeks before Christmas, my ladies choir sang Christmas Carols at a local Nursing Home. Here I am with my dear and radiant friend Janice, who has spent the past 9 months kicking breast cancer's butt!

A week before Christmas, five us took the opportunity to visit the lights of Government House. The grounds were open for an hour each evening that week.

In a street nearby, a local mailbox was delightfully dressed as Santa. 
Opposite was a colourful home. Their neighbour used lights to write "Ditto"!

The Hungry Hikers on their city Christmas hike! Cheers everyone!

St Stephens Cathedral  laser light show.

Entrance to The W Hotel.

City Christmas trees, spotted on our walk.

City Hall laser show - the story of Baby Koala trying to find a present for his parents.

Brisbane's Southbank Parkland has a long, bougainvilla covered walkway. Sections were made into a Christmas wonderland.

Final destination on our 11 km hike, was the Emporium Hotel for a Christmas glass of bubbles and its fine city view.

Southbank Parklands is in the foreground.

The 'best' of 2019.

January 2nd to be exact. 
Our Hungry Hiker's group were off to a great start. Hiking in heat and covering 15, steep kilometres. Alas, Mt Cordeau that we climbed and Mt MItchell in this view, have both been ravaged by the bushfires.

Daves Creek Circuit, Binna Burra - 12km. The 90 year old resort where the trail commences was totally destroyed by the fires. I'm not sure about this trail.
Rebecca was enjoying her first outing with the Gaiter Girls.

Cousins retruning to the Murray Scrub, to relive childhood picnics.

Hard to believe that we actually got to walk in rain at the beginning of the year - Kondalilla Falls.

Walking the Rail trail at Wamuran.

Memory of our Ireland visit. Cliffs of Kerry.

I just had to select 2 for June. We flew to Prince Edward Island from Dublin. Our darling Grandson Ben, came straight into our arms.

So many highlights of our PEI visit, but the lupins win.

From the lush green of PEI, the reality of our drought stricken countryside. The ranges in the distance were also ravaged by the fires in late November.

A coastal walk, with aqua sea and our famous Glasshouse Mountains in the distance. 

Return to PEI to celebrate Ben's 2nd birthday, with the bonus of witnessing true Autumn colours.

A coastal walk with our son Matthew, before he left for his new job in Austria.

Watching the storm clouds gather, only to be disappointed when they veered away from us. Christmas Eve, Santa made sure another storm brought us and many others a good, soaking inch of rain and cooler temperatures.

For the moment, this part of SE Queenland is faring well. My heart goes out to those in Southern Australia, suffering the castatrophic fire conditions this week  The images we are seeing are beyond belief.

As 2019 draws to a close as I write this, I wish you a Happy New Year and only the best things for 2020. It is my earnest hope, that fire and drought breaking rains are not far away. They will have to be extensive and soaking. Please no flooding!

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  1. Happy new year, Helen! Thanks for the pleasure this and all of your posts bring!

    1. I hope your year is off to a wonderful start Bill.

  2. Hi Helen, When I see you ladies in your short sleeves and sandals, I have to smile - here it is wayyyyy below freezing and into minus temperatures. I like going to the city to see the Christmas lights. (Then I like coming home to mostly darkness...) It's sad that some of your photos from 2019 depict hikes you did that are now in burn areas. I, too, hope for moisture in 2020. PS - You and I both have oldest grandchildren named Ben (mine is 16).

    1. Barb, I love our new connection. Would Denver be your 'city'?

    2. Hi Helen, Replying to this late but yes - Denver is 90 miles from us and our one son lives there with his family. When we go to the city, we usually go to Denver. We used to have a second home there but sold it about 6 years ago.

  3. Happy New Year Helen. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas season and a great 2019, I hope 2020 is as good.

    1. Thank you Joan. I sincerely hope you have been safe from the fires and had somewhere cool to beat yesterday's temperatures. Have a wonderful year.

  4. Oh my! How could you not be in the Christmas spirit with all the beautiful lights! It was also fun to see the review of your year. Our noon news program had a report on the Australian fires. That is not usual, since the noon news is primarily state and local news. My thoughts and prayers to those in the path of the devastation.

    1. Yes Kim, it was a fabulous evening.
      The images we are regularly seeing are beyond belief, with no end in sight. Our volunteer fire fighters are true heros in these castastrophic conditions.

  5. Wonderful Christmas trees and a lovely review of your 2019. Laser shows are great, aren't they! But the photo of you as a light-up reindeer is the best. :)
    Happy 2020! (With more rain!!)

  6. Thank you Sara. The photo you like best was taken for Ben. I hope you had a lovely white Christmas and that 2020 will be less stressful for you.

  7. Glad you are OK, but my heart breaks for all those who have suffered in the fires.

  8. So glad you are safe but I feel so sad for those affected by the fires in your beautiful country.
    Wishing you the best 2020

  9. I hate to be a curmudgeon, but I find all those illuminations garish, obscene and ugly. Now PEI...that's another matter!