Saturday, 6 April 2019

The Spectacular Arrival of Autumn.

Saturday 30th March.

The previous weekend we had had 3 inches of wonderful rainfall. The temperature however, remained in the mid 30's, with high humidity. My garden had been waiting for some decent rainfall to be replenished with mulch and some makeover here and there. Friday was my first free day and I was out loosening the soil by 6am. The early start didn't help. The sweat ran down my face all morning and it wasn't long before I was as red as a beetroot. Still, the soil was pliable after the rain, so the digging was done by 11. Exhausted, I jumped into the pool to recover. I seem to remember that a Nana nap may have taken place during the afternoon. On Saturday with the help of a wonderful friend, I spread cow manure, replanted and commenced mulching. Again, work had to stop by midday, because of the oppressive temperature.

With my laptop out of action, I took time during the afternoon to make use of the Apple Mac. At 5.45pm, I looked up and  noticed, that the small amount of sky I could see, had a lovely golden glow. A quick glance outside had me racing for my camera.

My I-phone 5S took a better panorama than my Sony DSC - HX90V.

As the rainbow faded, the sunset colours drew me down to the ponds, hoping for some reflections..

Thankfully I stopped and looked west.

And north .....

The sky rapidly changed its colours. I snapped frantically.

The reflections on the ponds didn't disappoint.

Looking north again.


The birds, mostly Ibis, were already roosting, with prime views of this spectacular sunset drama.

The Common or Indian Myna birds weren't going to miss the spectacle either.

I moved too close to the Mynas and they suddenly took to the wing - I was a little slow to react!

New resting place.

More colour.

The final molten sky, as the sun quickly sank below the horizon.

Wow, what an amazing 15 minutes. The sky was magnificent in every direction. 

So what has this to do with autumn's arrival, you ask? 

Well, we didn't know it at the time, but this was the prelude to the temperature dropping 15 degrees over night.  The humidity also dropped dramatically and we woke to autumn crisp, blue skies. We've had a few more delicious showers and continue to marvel at these cooler temperatures. The days are noticably shorter and our energy levels have risen. 

Living in the tropics, this is autumn!

On Sunday evening I sat outside reading, to await this night's sunset. It was wonderful to have to don a light jumper and trousers for the evening cool.  The view across the now lush green, golf course. was a joy to behold.

The difference a week makes!

A light drizzle accompanied the Gaiter Girls on their hike around the Berrinba Wetlands, on Tuesday. We weren't bothered, as nature had more marvels to share with us.

Tranquil, Water Lily pond.

Across the water, centre, are magnificent, pink Water Lilies.

Across the water, centre, are Black Cormorants.


Black Swans

Our awesome kookaburra.

Juvenile Whistling Kites - I've never seen these before and was saddened to see them being hassled by a crow.

This has been an amazing week of enjoying nature's beauty. More to come soon.

I would love to read your comments.


  1. Some exquisite sunset pictures---- The silhouettes were amazing! Loved the birds as well. Spring and Autumn are my favorites, but time moves so fast at my age, I will gladly take the other two as they come.

  2. Wow - what amazing clouds and sunset colors! Glad you were able to capture them. And the birds that were watching. :)

  3. Autumn does turn on lovely skies. Rain is always welcome to gardeners, I rush out and start weeding as soon as their has been rainfall but will leave the feeding and mulching until spring. I expect we will have frost soon which will shut down all the life in the garden for a few months.

  4. I always love a good sunset, although when we were in Queensland it was the sunrises I remember with the sun coming up from the Pacific

  5. Skies, clouds, amazing colours, reflections, stunning waterlilies, black swans, and the cherry on the cake: the super cute kookaburra. :)
    Such a gorgeous post, Helen!
    Don't the black swans feel hot under your Australian sun?

  6. Wow - Just gorgeous! Great sky shots and I love those black swans.

  7. So much beauty in this post! I love rainbows, sunset skies and vibrant flowers. What a pleasure! I'm also glad you got such a wonderful rain, and I hope it helped your country's farmers.

  8. Wonderfully beautiful skies in every direction! Nice rainbow captures, too!!