Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Down on the Farm.

Monday 14 January

My brother's 70th birthday gave us the impetus to organise a long overdue visit to the farm. As always, the drive down was a rural delight. Sadly, on this occasion, the lush green of this 'northern rivers' area of New South Wales is suffering from lack of rainfall just like so many other areas. The nearer we got to the farm, it was abundantly clear that the pre-Christmas thunderstorms had avoided them. Fingers crossed.

We broke the journey at Murwullimbah for a coffee break in their lovely Knox Park and its sculpture to the pioneer woodcutters.

The ibis kept us amused with their tooing and throwing as we sat.

On the R is what I believe to be the spoonbill mother. The whiter bird was either a chick, constantly annoying her for food or a male suitor. She took absolutely no notice.

Mt Warning, the peak the Gaitor Girls have summited and the peak the Hungry Hikers love to hate. It is quite a joke in the group. Four of us have climbed it on seperate occasions. I'm the only one who enjoyed it. Admittedly, Laurel did it to catch the sunrise and suffered from the speed of the ascent. She would like to do it again.

I have a wonderful view to look out on from the back of our home, but I am still a tad envious when I visit my brother, of his verandah views.

As we drove up to their driveway I noted that sunflowers were in bloom in their vegetable garden. Once all our greetings were made, my brother was prompted by me, to give a guided tour of all he had done since our last visit. 

Walking out the side door - view up the hill and the forest of trees he planted 5 years ago.

Nearby, a quiet nook for the birds and somewhere to relax.

Paths through his rainforest, created over the past 20 years, led to the vegetable patch.

Spot the tables for our luncheon picnic.

Views from the veggie patch.

Note the milo and maize growing.

View back to rainforest and house - bananas and passionfruit growing.

And of course there were many snaps taken of the sunflowers.

This is a ripe head. Ian has begun to brush the flowerettes to reveal the seed.

Job done.

Another head had been completely enjoyed by the birds.

A hybrid variety.

Their patterning is amazing.

Close up of the milo / sorghum.

Pineapples about to be harvested.

Also the grapes - delcious.

Garden colour.

Their bushhouse is full of orchids.

Gum blossom.

Our lovely al fresco lunch.

We definitely need to find time to visit more often.

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  1. I love the spoonbills! And I love all of the fantastic flowers. Good to be with family!

  2. Looking at your photos in this post is very uplifting. There is so much colour and the greens are amazing. The views from your brother's place are beautiful. I see nothing looking out my window this morning, we are lost in fog!

  3. Helen, what a lush setting. I can only imagine the work to keep it that way! Looking out my windows today, I see snow falling on evergreens. Happy Birthday to your brother.

  4. Wow! What a beautiful place! This Kansas girl especially loved the sunflowers. I found it interesting that you had milo (sorghum) and pineapples and grapes growing in the same post and location! Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

  5. Your brother's garden is amazing! Love all the sunflowers. What a beautiful place he lives in.

  6. Oh no no no... I always thought pineapples grow on trees!!! Wow, it's good to read your blog. I'm learning a lot. :D
    I hope those areas will get some rain soon. However, the place looks spectacular.
    What are those beautiful coniferous (?) trees in the photos 18 and 19?
    Big hugs!

    1. Hi Sara, I thought this web page would give a simple, easy to read description of the bunya tree. They are quite majestic.


    2. Thank you for the interesting link, Helen!
      Araucaria are truly fascinating!

  7. Your brother lives in a very enchanted spot, Helen, and making more time to visit should be a priority. It will be no hardship!

  8. Thanks for suggesting I view the blog of your brothers farm it is absolutely spectacular!!I especially enjoyed the flowers he is fortunayto live in such a beautiful spot !

    1. Glad you enjoyed the visit Eleanor. Rather a contrast to your landscape at present.

  9. What a beautiful place. Also, I'd love to climb that mountain.

  10. Such a wonderful splash of color, flowers and fruit to cheer up a monochromatic, grey rainy day here in the U.K.

  11. What an amazing garden! And oh that view is just stunning!!

  12. thank you for sharing beautiful views.
    greeting- evi erlinda