Friday, 11 January 2019


A few days after Christmas I took my early morning walk and as I followed the path around Mt Warren Oval, the early morning chorous of birds had me delighted. I couldn't believe how many different bird calls I was hearing and of course spotting them in the trees and bushes was almost impossible. As you listen, you should initially hear the kookurrburra laughing. Towards the end the distinctive sounds from the bat colony across the field and the raucous sound of caged maccaws. [so sad!] Other birds are wrens, parrots, whip birds, magpie and ............... I was thrilled at how clearly they sounded on this video taken on my phone.

Recently I posted photos of the golf club's seemingly resident flock of corellas, below our house. Sitting in our lounge this week I was alerted to their presence by their noisy calling. I looked out and saw a mass of white on the fairway. Again I decided to record their call.

I will add that our side of the golf course and its gums, is now their preferred place of abode. Their calling is constant day and night and if disturbed, and this seems to be quite often, their call rises to annoying crescendo levels.  They are fascinating to watch.

The corellas from the video.

In the gums near our home on a different occasion.

Eating the seeds of the conifer in our front garden, taken some time ago.

Having discussed ticks in my previous post, I was interested to spot this report about a poor carpet python, found in a home swimming pool at the coast. It is believed he was trying to rid himself of the multitude of paralysis ticks that had attached themselves to him.  By coincidence, I read a report this evening that the python is recovering well and will be released back into the bush in the near future.

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  1. Nothing should have that happen to them! I'm glad he's going to be OK.

  2. I would not want corellas to move into my neighbourhood, they are soooo noisy.

  3. I loved the bird song when I was in Queensland especially in the morning. I used to love to take a sunrise walk and listen to the noise and try and spot the birds.

  4. Oh my goodness, that poor poor snake! Love your corella pictures.

  5. Those white birds look so cute! They do look noisy though... :D
    I tried to skip the snake photo as fast as I could. I'm glad to hear he was rescued!
    Happy Sunday! xx

  6. Despite whatever annoyance the noise level from the Corellas might cause it is still on balance a great advantage to have them in your neighbourhood. It is good to remember from time to time that wildlife does not exist only to fill the expectations that we have of it. As for the snake, kudos to you for posting the picture. Some people have a totally irrational fear of snakes. I am glad that it is recovering. I not too happy when I find one tick on me, so I can't begin to imagine the load on that poor reptile.