Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Enjoying Spring Sunshine and Creativity

Saturday 15 September

My friend Lyn and I arrived at Currumbin Beach at 7 am, on this beautiful, spring, blue sky day. Our early start enabled us to view this year's Swell Sculptures before the masses of crowds arrived. A hint of coolness to the breeze, gentle waves washing the shoreline, surfer's gliding in on the waves, whales spouting regularly and happy children, all added to the enjoyment of the morning.

"Come face to face with awe-inspiring sculptures by local, national and international artists at the 16th SWELL Sculpture Festival, 14 – 23 September, 2018

Kannitha Ly, Qld - "Sandy Sundays"

1. Karl Meyer, SA - "Foci" [a central point of attraction, attention or activity.]
2. -
3. Wesley Harrop, SA - "Zygomaticus"   [a muscle of facial expression]

1. Tessa Bergan, Qld - "The Castle Buiders"
2. Marie-France and Anthony Rose, NSW - "In the Flow"
3. Lamce Seedon, NSW - "Sanctuary"
4.  -

1. Kari and Ross Annels, Qld - "Shemple on the Shore"
2. Greg Quiton, NSW - "Jump"

Elizabeth Poole - "Medal Blooms"
A link to explain this one.     http://www.swellsculpture.com.au/medal-blooms/

Phillip and Alex Piperides, Qld - "Currumbin Rock Boys"

Dion Parker and Andrew Cullen, Qld - "Prickles the Unhuggable Bear"[bardwire]

Jack Quilter, NSW - "Portal Sun. Harvest Star. Shadow Moon."

Monte Lupo, Qld - "The Seamtress"

Dave Hickson, NSW - "52 Women"

Joy Heylen, Luke Mallie, Ronda Sharpe, Jacqueline Damon, Agata Mouasher, Qld - "Embryo"

Karl de Waal, Qld - "Wherever you go, there you are."

Unnamed sculpture? No, but they did catch my eye.

Mid-afternoon a new destination was driven to with my friend Joc - Tamborine and its annual Scarecrow Festival - 17 km trail and approx 300 scarecrows. 

My favourites.

The winner for me. Just loved the toes and the heart-shaped potato over the heart.

Little Bo Beep was rather special too.

Humorous duo. The petrol operator had 'closed' in his R hand.

Painstaking brillance.

For OS readers - September / October is 'magpie' season. If you happen to walk or cycle anywhere near their nests, you will be dived on.

"Scaredy Crow" The book - 'How to Stone a Crow'. A crows worst nightmare.

The snowman was taken for my Grandson, as I won't be able to build one with him. The gorgeous pig is for a wonderful group of friends I meet with regularly.

Just on dusk, a lantern parade was held in Main Street.

Finally, I fell in love with this child's entry of 'Lily, Millie and Billy.' Just love the names too.

An amazing day of amazing creativity and talent.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. The sculptures are amazing. Love the ones on the beach the most.

  2. Amazing artwork everywhere! And those scarecrows are cute too.

  3. What artistry - both the beach sculptures and the scarecrows! I had to smile at the scarecrow on the bike who had an accident. A lovely day for viewing art.

  4. Your scarecrows reminded me of the Kansas State Fair. There's always a fair entry class for scarecrows. This year, they had them "guarding" the display with the largest pumpkins and watermelons.

    The sculptures were fun to see, too.

  5. Wonderful sculptures. I would love to have the Rock Boys in my garden.

  6. Beautiful sculptures in a beautiful setting. Not sure about the scarecrows though! :)

  7. The scarecrows are delightful. <3
    Have a great weekend! xx

  8. Those are all pretty odd but interesting to see the imagination!

  9. WOW what a day at the beach! Those scarecrows make me think of Thanksgiving decorations that are beginning to show up here in Calgary and will be in abundance in Nova Scotia the next two weeks.

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