Saturday, 18 November 2017

Lower Ballanjui Falls, Binna Burra

Wednesday 15 November

Seven weeks ago, spring had passed straight into summer, with high temperatures, wind and drought-like conditions. The forecast for rainfall was looking grim. I'm pleased to report that the initial rainfalls in early October have continued with regular falls and we are again delighting in lush green vistas. What is even more wonderful, is that during the past 3 weeks, the temperatures have become spring like again. Rarely above 26 C, with cool nights. Bliss, especially when choosing when and where to hike.

This week the Hungry Hikers drove up to the Binna Burra rainforest, electing to hike the Lower Ballanjui Falls, 14 km return trail. It isn't one of the popular trails on the mountain and had never been on my 'to do' list, but that was to my loss.

We discovered it to be the hike of a towering waterfall, ancient towering brush box, red cedar and tallowwoods and vast vistas. The gradient as we dropped low down into the Nerang Valley, beneath towering cliffs was impressive, with very few steps. Retracing our steps back up was not difficult at all.

On arrival, we quickly decided that we definitely preferred our start to the day.  These girls were on a boot camp and had been up at 4am!


Cliff - looking up.

Cliff - looking down.

Some of us were braver than others on this cliff ledge.

There were numerous dry creek crossings filled with boulders of all sizes.

Fruit of the blue quandong tree.

Vines of all different thicknesses hung across the path.

Much of what is now national park had been heavily felled in the late 1800's / early 1900's. On previous hikes in this area I have been spellbound by the sight of a scattering of ageless trees, but today I was overwhelmed by their numbers. They were just everywhere surrounded by the lovely piccabeen palms. One tree is estimated to be 1200 years old. I can only imagine that so many of the others were close to similar in age.

The 150 m drop of the Ballangui Falls.

Earlier in the year one of our hikes had taken us to its top. I had no idea that it dropped so far.

The dark clouds had been hovering and halfway back to the top rain began to fall. The thick forest canopy kept us reasonably dry, but did bring out the leeches. One thought my blood quite juicy and hitched a ride back down the mountain. I now have one very itchy foot.

Views lost.

Thursday - Gaiter Girls

An early morning drive took us to the Mt Gravatt Hill / Toohey Forest trail of 15 km. The initial climb from the carpark to the hilltop, brought this wonderful view of Brisbane City.

It is always an enjoyable hike and a scattering of wildflowers added to our pleasure.



Just loving this weather. What a difference rain and cool temperatures make.

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  1. Lush and lovely! But that boot camp looks hard...

  2. Another lovely post. Loved the waterfall--- and the bird that looks like a crow who flew through a paint factory. I do enjoy your outings!

  3. Well that is a new way to describe our lovely magpie, who would be insulted to be related to our loud, raucous crows. They have a lovely song and we often hear them singing in our garden. I found a U-tube for you to listen to. The lorikeet parrots are being very noisy in the baclground.

    I've added a 2nd one, as I believe you will be amused by this trio.

  4. The waterfall is really quite beautiful, and such a big drop. Great photos as always.

  5. Leeches! Yikes. I guess there always has to be something! We have a short but creepy tick season here.

  6. It always seems really strange when you talk about Spring and Summer at this time of year!
    Your weather looks very inviting (apart from the rain) as I type this on a cold and damp day.
    Great views and nice to see the little ladybird getting out and about! Loved the waterfall!
    Have a great week Helen :)

  7. Prunella, I know what you mean re the seasons. I would love to have our Christmas in winter. A number of years ago the temperature was 42C. Unbearable! For me a wet one is just perfect. Not all Aussies agree, especially if they are camping.

  8. You and your friends have been going on some wonderful hikes! Those tall trees are amazing! As is the blue fruit. I always enjoy seeing the trails in your country.

    1. Linda, it seems recently that every walk we do, I have to add it to 'the must take Linda on this hike' when she comes!

  9. Another couple of great hikes and views. I remember being astonished by the biodiversity in this corner of Australia

    1. They have been wonderful, but the views don't quite match yours.

  10. It's lovely to hear the temperatures are nice and it's raining. The strange weather conditions have been causing so much trouble.
    Your flora and fauna never cease to amaze. I needed to google (again) the blue quandong tree, and then I needed to google other amazing things like the spectacled flying fox that looks impressive but fortunately seems to eat only fruit and flowers... :D
    Thank you for sharing these fascinating things with us! Enjoy the spring! xx

  11. Sara, it is interesting that you were googling the flying fox, as on this walk we saw small nesting boxes in a number of trees, for a very small bat who can eat a 1000 mosquitos in a day. I wish I had taken a photo of it and the information given as I'm not having any success googling.

  12. Answer: I did, I haven't for a long time. Thanks for your nice words. The Piano was in the living room of our "modern" mid-century house. It has been badly remodeled since. Thanks again for your posts and your comments on mine! =Bill