Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Loveliness of Ladybirds

Thursday 26 October.

Somerset Trail, Mt Mee.

A group of ladybirds is called a "loveliness of ladybirds". Gardeners enjoy seeing a loveliness of ladybirds in their gardens, because one ladybird can eat up to 5,000 aphids, common garden pests, in a year"

The Somerset Trail at Mt Mee is one of my favourite hikes. I selected it for The Gaitor Girls or Thursday hikers, this week. It was wonderful seeing this group of friends enjoying its everchanging scenery as much as I do.

The previous day I had been given a very special gift of tiny ladybirds, from a very thoughtful friend, who had just returned from Switzerland. Knowing of my love for this tiny creature, she couldn't resist a small bag of tiny, stick on ladybirds for me. Thank you, Gail. Of course, they had to come hiking with us.

Some other special moments.

This seed eventually opens in half, as in the photo below.

A beautiful fern in the base of a burnt out tree trunk.

Halfway through the walk distant mountain ranges were revealed.

Soaring gums and blue skies.

Old and young, giants.

We named these two trees the Twin Towers, with barely a metre between them, they soared almost into invisibility.

I lay on the ground to try and capture their towering height.

We discovered this 'artwork' on the wheelchair friendly, final stage of our hike. A palm tree had been cut down at ground level. Simply stunning in the middle of the forest.

Driving back down the DiAgular range to hit the busy M1 to return home, we had this wonderful vista of our Glasshouse Mountains, volcanic plugs of our ancient land.

Below is the link to my September 2015 post, of hiking here.

Hiking down under, even on a steamy hot day, always brings delight, a sense of wonder and a peacefulness within. Today was no exception.

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  1. How nice of your friend to send you all those ladybirds!

  2. Such loveliness... the English language can be whimsical sometimes. :)
    Wonderful trees and other plants in this post. Thank you very much for sharing. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  3. Beautiful flora you have shared with us today Helen and your ladybirds are super cute! In the UK you can buy them online and they send them through the post to you to munch on your garden aphids! I've often thought about it!
    Have a fantastic weekend :)

  4. You do find the most interesting things to photograph on your hikes. The palm tree dissection is incredible.

  5. I do love the ladybirds! We get a lot of them here of course.

  6. The diversity in Queensland always amazed me. Towering forests, sand dune islands, offshore reefs, rolling farmland and deserts