Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Wivenhoe Dam Trails

Wednesday 10 May

This week was the last hike for several months that the 5 Hungry Hikers would be out and about together. Overseas travel plans are looming for several of us. It was timely that we had discovered new territory to hike.

Wivenhoe Dam, 80 kms from Brisbane city, was built in 1985 for water supply and flood mitigation.
In 2006 after several drought years it looked like this - 12% full.

Thankfully, 2007 saw the drought break and the dam has been at full capacity since then. I had driven across it once or twice enroute to other adventures, but was totally unaware of the extent of picnic grounds, camping facilities and today's trails.

The misty cool day, turned out to be the coldest May day in 23 years, ranging from 19 -15C. For many of the tropics, this was COLD! For us it was perfect for hiking, but of course we still managed to sweat. In fact the moody day added to the beauty of our surroundings. 
Morning tea views. [Laurel]

Our initial trail took us up a ridge line, following an old bitumen road.

Leaving the sealed road the track zig zagged down towards the waterline.

Several ant mounds were spotted, along with lovely clumps of a small, white wildflower.

View across to the spillway. From here on we were much closer to the shoreline. 

I'm always surprised at the number of rocky outcrops, which appear unexpectedly. 
The drizzle has started!

This calmer reach of the dam's lake gave us wonderful reflections.

As we reached the carpark, the drizzle became quite heavy, so we were glad we had chosen to have lunch at the Cormorant Cafe with this wonderful view.

The Noisy Minor bird.

A most enjoyable bush hike with good friends, followed by delicious hot pea and ham soup and crusty bread.
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  1. What a wonderful name for a café overlooking the dam. I can almost see the cormorants there.

  2. Those ant mounds are rather large! I get cross when the ants start piling up soil a few cm high in my lawn! :)

    1. These mounds are quite small in comparison to those in central Australia. I know what you mean re the lawn. We get them, especially when heavy rain is coming.

  3. I wish I could have been there--- except that I couldn't have kept up! Funny to see the cactus popping out. Excellent shots.

  4. Always fun to discover a new trail!

  5. The drizzle makes everything look so green. I wonder where overseas you are off too? I will keep me eyes on your blog!

    1. Rhine Cruise, Switzerland and 6 days walking in the Italian Dolomites. Off tomorrow. [19th]

  6. Of course, I liked seeing the scenery, but I also liked the splash of turquoise provided by your umbrellas. I thought the duck's/geese in the water looked like jet streams. Enjoy your trip. I know you'll have plenty of new material when you return!