Friday, 19 May 2017

Coombabah Conservation Park

Thursday 11 May

"This ecologically significant conservation area of the northern Gold Coast protects 1290 hectares of wetlands, endangered eucalypt forest, salt marshes, and mangrove swamps, and is home to more than 11 threatened or vulnerable species of fauna, including the painted snipe, powerful owl, wallum froglet, grey-headed flying fox, and square tailed kite. The area also accommodates one of the Gold Coast's largest koala populations." - Walking the Gold Coast.

Coombabah is just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of the tourist mecca of our Gold Coast. To me it should be on top of the list for tourists to see the Australian bush. Thankfully it isn't.

This week I took the Gaiter Girls for their 1st visit. Within the first 100m we had seen several kangaroos grazing. They were constantly spotted the length of the track. 

We were delighted to spot the shy Red Necked Wallaby. A first for me.

The creamy Banksia's were flowering - bud opening.

Full bloom.

Seed head.

There is a wonderful boardwalk through mangroves and Swamp Paperbarks.

Bottlebrush on one side of the channel and prostrate Grevillea on the other, making a lovely reflection.

Yes, it is a tough life for some! What a perfect day.

Coombabah Lake

The Channel.

Today, 18th May, the Gaiter Girls hiked at White Rock Conservation Park. 
The Hungry Hikers hiked here 2 weeks ago and I was frustrated that I was unable to climb to the top of the rock.
Yeah - We tried the route that I had pinpointed in my photographs and SUCCESS!

I thought you might enjoy this U-tube of Australia's amazing 'deadly' animals, but please don't let it put you off visiting us.

Getting to the top of White Rock was a terrific feeling. I love to climb, but of late my body tries to tell me otherwise, which is quite frustrating. Yes, another fantastic day in our Aussie bush, but now I am packed for our departure tomorrow, for a month in Europe - Rhine Cruise, Switzerland and Italian Dolomites.

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  1. I loved seeing the photos of your kangaroos and wallaby. The scenery was gorgeous, too.

    Enjoy your time in Europe! Safe travels and happy camera clicking!

  2. Seeing the kangaroos lined up like that I had the feeling they should be selling snacks! Love 'em! Another delightful post.

  3. Love all your animal photos and glad you got to the top of that rock!

  4. Ohhh Europe! How exciting. I hope you have the best time and look forward to reading (& seeing) about your adventures.

  5. So strange to think of seeing kangaroo instead of deer!

  6. Always enjoy your local walks and wildlife photos. Look forward to your European travels :)