Thursday, 30 March 2017

Great weather for the Ducks

Cyclone Debbie crossed the coast on Tuesday afternoon bringing devastation to the beautiful tropical Whitsunday Coastline. Down graded to a tropical low, Debbie still wasn't going to say goodbye quickly. Her torrential rains are being dumped as far south as the Victorian border, a distance of 2500 kms.
Since 9pm last night to 5 pm today, 128 mms [ 5inches] has fallen here, just outside Brisbane. At 7am the State Government closed schools for the next 2 days and businesses were asked to send staff home at midday to get people off the roads and safe, before the worst fell. The hinterland, [where we often hike] would have had double that amount, so many of our rivers are now breaking their banks.

In a lull this morning, I headed out with my camera, across the golf fairways, which were rapidly being inundated. I had a lovely time splashing through the rivulets of water rushing to join the 3 ponds that were now one big lake.

I discovered some unusual fungi.

Ducks rushing to join their friends.

The meeting point.

Looking a little drenched.

Time for a change of view.

Top arrow is where Cyclone Debbie crossed the coast.
Second arrow is where I live.
Third arrow is the Victorian border.
That's a lot of rain falling and the system is not moving quickly.

It is still raining. Tomorrow morning should bring sunshine, but I fear that for many it will also bring more heartbreak.

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  1. Wow - that's a lot of rain at once! Hope the devastation is not as bad as feared.

  2. Some serious rain! We've had a very unusual amount of rain spread out over MONTHS! Hoping for a dry weekend. WOW--- those mushrooms!

  3. Since your previous post, I had wondered about you. Keep safe! I hope the system moves out more quickly than anticipated. It almost looks too wet for the ducks, too!

    We got 3.30 inches of rain in the past couple of days, but ours fell gently. We were very dry, so we are thankful for the moisture.

    1. So glad for you Kim. I was wanting to send at least half of it your way.

  4. We have just witnessed the highest flood levels on the Albert River, since 1887.
    We have one vast lake in front of us and the water steadily climbed towards our back patio until 11am. Thankfully they are now receding. A post of photos will follow soon. WE have been very fortunate. Sadly too many haven't.

  5. Natures power can be devastating. My heart goes out to anyone affected by the damage. As you know this part of of Queensland has a special place in my heart

    1. Thank you. It seems Cyclone Debbie was determined to travel your itinerary, but left only devastation. Time will bring recovery, but it is heart breaking for so many.

  6. Very beautiful photos, even though the phenomenon itself is a tragic one.
    We still are rather helpless against these vast forces.
    Take care!

  7. Hope the storm doesn't cause too much damage!

  8. As you feared in this post, it has certainly bought much heartbreak. Australia is a land of such extremes with drought still covering much of Queensland, now this cyclone and devastating floods. My heart goes out to all affected.