Monday, 4 July 2016

Proserpine and the Whitsundays

My good friend and hiking buddy, Laurel and her husband, invited me to travel north with them to Proserpine, to experience the local hiking. We travelled north on the Spirit of Queensland, a 14 hour overnight journey.

Our departure was at 3.45pm and shortly before sunset, Mt Tibrogargan, flashed past our window.

Crisp clear blue skies and the stacks of the sugar mill, greeted our arrival at 6am. 

After catching up with family, a drive to Airlie Beach, the hub of the Whitsundays region was organised. The Saturday markets were thronging with holiday makers. We decided against a camel ride, but couldn't resist a Hungarian Chimney stack. The crispy, cinnamon bread cone filled with ice-cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce and cream was so delicious we forgot to take an actual photo. 

An impressive sand sculpture was almost completed.

A short drive took us to Shute Harbour, a busy transit area for ferries to the islands and assorted boating operations. Its aqua sea was mesmerising.

Back at Airlie Beach, we walked 7kms along the foreshore and boardwalk enjoying the boats and colour of the sea.

Cedar Creek Falls was our first destination the following day. It was a short journey through green rolling hills and cane fields. On seeing the falls, I well understood why the car park was so crowded.

It was quite a scramble to the upper stream and its tranquil pools.

Another short drive took us to Conway Beach at the mouth of the Proserpine River. The tide was well out, but on this winter's afternoon, a lovely serene view.

It was at this point of the tour, that I reasoned that I was far safer with the bears in Canada than the dangers of the north. A large snake slithered across the road, just after we read these signs.

Middle right is the swimming enclosure to exclude  the deadly stingers, but the crocs can still make their way across the sand and in. Tropical waters - bliss, but don't enter!

The predicted forecast for today's hike was not promising. When it was belting down at 4.30am, when the alarm went off, we cancelled. Good decision.
View from the coffee shop, mid morning. This rain soon joined us.
This afternoon, the clouds at the back of the house were receding.

The forecast for tomorrow is looking good, so hopefully this time tomorrow we will have 30 kms under our belt and no doubt feeling a little footsore.

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  1. I love the color of the sea! And the waterfalls and forest are beautiful. Yeah, I think I'd rather deal with bears than snakes and crocs! Yikes! Hope the weather improves for the rest of your walk.

  2. Mostly angry squirrels and hungry chipmunks here... Although we do have the occasional bear and stray cougar. There is much here that should make it a tourists mecca. Great pictures, as always.

  3. Watch out for those Crocs. They're not really renown for their friendliness! The sand dragon looks pretty harmless though. Beautiful photos Helen. I look forward to many more from the Whitsundays. Enjoy!!

  4. I heard about the Whitsundays and you proved what I heard is true, so very pretty!

  5. awesome post