Wednesday, 6 April 2016

March Moments

To better enjoy the photos, please click on them to increase their size.

Bush Walking Wednesday, in the month of March, has not been in the bush.
The 'March Birthday Girls' have notched up a significant number of years, that have just begged for some celebration. We managed to be among the trees, but added a little glamour to our usual walking gear.

Brisbane Botanical gardens for lunch with Jenny.

The birthday girls in Mt Tamborine Botanical Gardens.

 A little celebration for Margot.

            Another for Jenny.

To make up for the Wednesday inactivity, I've been making a concerted effort to walk my local hill trail of 7 kms, early in the morning as often as possible. I've been rewarded with some special moments.

Laurel and I decided to take our husbands out for a picnic coffee by the Brisbane River, just before Easter, at the beautiful, Seventeen Mile Rocks Park. [Found on a hot summer walk in January]

Easter Monday morning.

This morning the fog was down, but the temperature reached 32 C during the day, even though we are headed into the 2nd month of autumn.
Looking towards the city.

Looking towards Tamborine Mountain.

The gums are flowering and the parrots are managing to drop the blossom to the ground.

My breakfast was interrupted by the lorikeet parrot flying in for his.

I hope you have enjoyed these snapshots of March. I bet you didn't spot any autumn leaves. I would love to read your comment.


  1. I love getting up early and seeing the sunrise too. Looks like you captured a couple good ones!

  2. Boa tarde, excelente selecção de fotos a mostrar o mês de marco preenchido, aniversários, convívio e desfrutar da bela natureza, as foto são de excelência num todo.

  3. The birds on the wire-- with the moon behind--- look like musical notes. Also love the two birds looking at each other. Both frame worthy pictures, Helen. The answer to your question about my picture on April 6th--- Because of the distance some of the effect was out of the camera. I added to the painterly look in editing so as to make the heron stand out a bit more. Also, I wanted it to suggest impressionism 100 years ago. -Bill

  4. You have had some wonderful magic moments in March. I do so love your photos.

  5. Olá
    eu vim pelo blog do A.Gomes Antonio
    suas imagens são maravilhosas