Friday, 4 September 2015

Magical Mt Mee - Walking in a Sea of Gold

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Wednesday 26 August

With dawn breaking in molten colour, one knew the day could only be perfect.

Jocelyn and I set off early for the 120km drive to Mt Mee. The city traffic slowed us down considerably but as we neared our destination, a milking herd came and greeted us.

On the opposite side of the road, we managed to set off a cattle stampede.

Shortly after, we left the farmland with its views back to the city and entered rainforest. Coffee and cake were enjoyed with the kookaburras and magpies, entertaining us from the rafters of The Gantry - a bizarre looking structure, which housed a massive crane to hoist timber from the forest floor. The sawmill was in use until 1981.

Initially, although the trail was lovely, I kept mentioning to Jocelyn that on my previous visits, the wildflowers had been out, making the surroundings more spectacular.

There was some rock climbing for Jocelyn and some log walking for me.

At about 5 kilometres, we entered more open bushland and found the spectacular flowering, Wallum Gold Pea Bush. It's golden colour lit up the bush floor, for as far as the eye could see. We were constantly oohing and aching at its beauty and the camera shutters were clicking non-stop. Such a brilliant display for the most of the remaining 12 kilometres.

The midway point brought spectacular views to Wivenhoe Dam to the south and Somerset Dam in the north-west. A perfect area to enjoy lunch and soak up the views.

The Wallum Gold Pea Bush was breathtaking, but the mauve ground orchid, among other plants, were doing their best to impress as well.

Ladybird thoroughly enjoyed her day out.

I had mentioned to Jocelyn a lovely waterhole towards the completion of the trail, but I had forgotten its full beauty and tranquillity.

Hiking 'down under' is truly exhilarating, but let our overseas adventure begin!  Gail, Margot and Jocelyn are already OS and I fly out this Sunday night, the 6th September. We will all meet in St Bees on the evening of the 11th and on the 12th, our 300-kilometre journey across northern England will commence and will take 16 days. [Wainwright's Coast to Coast]

I do hope you have enjoyed the golden beauty of Mt Mee's Somerset Trail. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Wow, beautiful wildflowers and sweeping views! This trail had it all! Enjoy your vacation and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Excellent share... I loved the third image, the cattle through the trees!

  3. You dated this "Wednesday 26 September", but I think you meant "Wednesday 26 August".

  4. I love this post Helen! I have never really explored the trails at Mt Mee! It's on my bucket list now, along with completing more of the Northern Rivers Rail. I'm so glad you named the Wallum Gold Pea Bush... I have an image that I love of it but no idea what it is!!