Sunday, 1 February 2015

Return to Springbrook

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 A light drizzle was falling when we woke last Wednesday morning. A few of our bush walking group were hesitant about setting off to the mountain, which last week at the same time, received a deluge of 300mm. I felt confident that this rain incident wasn't about to repeat itself and commented that I was going by myself, if necessary.
Result - 9.30 saw this happy little group about to descend to the Purling Brook Falls. We were well prepared for mud and leeches. It was wonderful to have Jocelyn, a friend of 40 years just moved to Brisbane, join our group. 

View from the top of the falls. The trail wound its way down to the base of the falls, through the rain forest on the left.

 Courtesy of Jenny

A further kilometre took us along the Little Nerang Creek to the tranquil, Warringa Pool.

Courtesy of Jocelyn

It was a very hot and sweaty descent. We wished we had included our togs in our backpacks.

During the hike back up, we took time to appreciate our awesome nature. [Get your breathe stops.]

Before driving to the Twin falls circuit, we enjoyed our picnic lunches and relaxed in the shade of the canopied, rain forest trees. Later, when we drove higher to the falls car park, heavy fog began drifting up the valley and light precipitation fell. The day had changed completely and added ghostly shadows to the trees and paths, adding to the grandeur of this spectacular area.

This was not a hike to be rushed, as each bend in the path took us to another fall of water. Sometimes a trickle,  a gentle spray, or tumbling over rocks and cascading from cliff tops.

Near the completion of our  hike, we were stunned to be interviewed by a local television crew. This was as the result of selfies being taken at the edge, of the top of the Twin Falls, during the heavy rains. They wanted our opinion on the council's reaction to higher fencing of the area. Yet again, the mindless few, spoil things for the majority.

Hiking 'down under' is never dull, especially with this group of 'hunch backs', struggling through the rain.

Yesterday, Saturday, was again very hot and humid. Around 4.30pm we were alerted by deep, rumbling thunder, to a rapidly passing storm front. Thankfully it was not preceded by gusting winds, but it did dump 22mm in a short period. As it hurried east, we witnessed a spectacular double rainbow span the skyline, followed by unusual cloud formations.

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  1. Nice waterfalls! Good thing you and your friends had your umbrellas and ponchos handy. Nice rainbow and sky shots too.

  2. You are a fine looking crew. The photographs are outstanding and I particularly enjoyed the waterfalls , the spectacular rainbow photo and the dramatic cloud formations. Thanks for sharing and for your comment on my blog.

    1. Thanks Barry. Glad for you that your blog is returning to normality.
      Springbrook is a special place, particularly after rain.