Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Bit of This and That

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Last Wednesday, 11th February, saw a return visit to the Kondalilla Falls on the Sunshine Coast. We departed at 6.30 am to beat the traffic, but weren't successful. It took an hour and a half to escape the city. It drizzled with rain throughout the journey, but our spirits soon lifted once we had climbed the Blackall Range enveloped in drifting fog, which soon cleared for rain free hiking.

Alas, the unthinkable had occurred. I hadn't packed my camera. The following pics are courtesy of my friends.

The falls walk is not long, but a good work out with its drop in elevation to the base of the falls from the car park. We took our time enjoying the rainforest, birdsong and the cascading falls. As we ate our lunch, kookaburra's watched on, hopeful of titbits.

When Joc saw 'complete walk during daylight' she was a tad concerned about where she was headed.

We were amused that the majority of other hikers, wearing thongs, no hats, no poles etc, were amused by our fashion statements.

On Sunday I joined a group Margot meets regularly with. They are past and intending walkers of the Camino. Their hike was in an area of Mt Cootha that I hadn't previously explored. Some steep climbs got the heart pumping.

And for something different I thought I would share a sample of my creativity. Perhaps even in competition with the 1973 purchase by the Australian Government, of 'Blue Poles' painted by the American artist, Jackson Pollock.  [$1.5million] 
 Blue Poles

The Tomato Splash - artist, H Dobbin 

I'm sure you are wondering where my inspiration came from.
The motivation came when I harvested my cherry tomatoes.

These begged to be made into tomato sauce. 2 days later, on opening my cupboard, I was confronted by this splash of red. It would have been far worse if the cork hadn't been blocked by the cupboard ceiling.

On removing all the containers, I was quite taken by the artistic splash and the camera was grabbed,  the shot I-photo edited and enhanced.

Not at all sure what created the explosion, but the contents were still fizzing merrily the next morning.

 Below is a photographed of an eye catching  piece of corrugated iron, I spotted when out and about.

I hope you have enjoyed 'a bit of this and that' from 'Down Under'. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Nice hikes, and I love your friend's fashion statements! That exploding tomato sauce does look a bit artistic.

  2. wow exploding tomato sauce...the way forward in modern art!