Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Summer is here!

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 The past week has seen temperatures soar into the 40's C / 1OOs F. Our Walking Down Under group decided that late afternoon walks should be the order of the day.
5pm, Friday 27th December saw us walking the Wynnum foreshore with the temperature still above 30C / 86F.

An off shore breeze was blowing. This thankfully dried the sweat we created, as we tried to increase our pace for a worthwhile post Christmas workout.

As we neared the end of our walk, the colours of the setting sun were reflected on the clouds and across the bay in pastel shades of pink and blue - so very peaceful.

We then relaxed on the foreshore with fish and chips and a glass of wine.  The temperature still hadn't lessened, when we set off for home at 8.30pm.

A week later, Friday 3rd January, we had intended to do a longer walk along the Redcliffe foreshore, but the temperatures were higher and the distance to Redcliffe further, so we opted to return to Wynnum.

A hot gale was blowing, so it wasn't at all pleasant, but we were glad we had made the effort. The wind forced us to eat our fish and chips inside the corner take away and the tropical downpour had us running to our cars as we left.

The following day, Saturday, saw temperatures breaking record highs throughout the state. By Monday the temperature was less, but the humidity felt like 100%. Severe thunderstorms were forecast to break the heatwave.

At 4pm, as the massive storm raced towards us, the sky darkened to the extent that one thought the sun had set. The street lights switched on and our garden solar lights glowed. Soon after, the skies opened and 2 inches of rain fell in 40 mins. Thankfully this storm was not as destructive as anticipated. 10 000 lost power and a few roofs were lost. Our son's train journey home from work took 2 hours instead of 45 mins. The lightening was mild, so I relaxed and tried to capture nature's dramatic moments.
 Storm front passing east.

 Darkening bulk following from the west.
 Torrential rain lashing our pool.

Gusting winds blowing the rain, had me retreat inside. 

 Solar lights  glowing at 4pm.

 Storms passed and sunlight returning - 5pm.

 At 6pm the storms from the north were tracking south and made for another drama filled sky.

Golden glow of the actual setting sun - 6.50pm.

The heat of the passed few days abated as the sunset faded into night.

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  1. Wonderful photographs as always, Helen. If we mix your air with ours, we could all enjoy something more comfortable. Although, it is reasonable for winter in Calgary at the moment, and I emphasize 'the moment', eastern Canada is taking an unusually harsh beating. Your sunset photographs are spectacular. Keep up the good work and I wish you great adventures throughout 2014.

  2. Thank you Barry. The storm thankfully lowered temperatures, so we were able to enjoy a wonderful bush walk yesterday.