Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Walking - Caloundra Coastline.

Saturday 2nd November saw Jenny, Margot and I driving to Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane. The plan was that as Jenny was recovering from a hip complaint, she would walk for an hour with us, and then spend several hours visiting with her Mother at her Nursing Home.

It was a perfect sunny day with lovely, clear, blue skies.
A cuppa with this vista was most welcome after the 2 hour drive.

We were parked at Golden Beach, near the nursing home, so set off on the path south, along Pumicestone Passage for 30 mins, did an about turn, and walked Jenny back to her car.

Near the halfway point, we were intrigued by the antics of 2 pelicans swimming into shore, until we spotted the size of the fish in the gullet of one. It didn't look comfortable at all and with your mate wanting a share, most unpleasant. Alas we didn't have time to observe how the incident was resolved.

We turned our eyes to more relaxing vistas.

The northern end of the passage is known as Bulcock Beach. During the summers of my childhood we were always excited, when our overworked farming parents made time, to drive the 45 mins from  our farm at Mooloolah to the beach, for us to enjoy picnics and swimming. 
 Bulcock Beach

Even more memorable were the afternoons when it was decided to milk early, phone the Bulcock Beach Fish and Chip Shop, and put in an order to be ready on our arrival. Oh the joy of this so rare take away, whilst sitting under the pines of the above photo, with the view of the Glasshouse Mts below. 

This photo is taken across the bay at Kings Beach, just around the corner from the passage.

 Kings Beach

Although the system of paths put in by the local council are extensive, we decided some rock hopping was in order.

We became a tad anxious when we witnessed these cargo ships 'narrowly' passing.
Question is - Which boat passed closest to shore? Answer later.

We weren't totally able to follow the coastline, but this diversion over Tooway Creek brought back more memories of summer. If we weren't swimming at Bulcock Beach, we were more than likely in the calm water of Tooway Lake, where it was blocked from the sea by a sand bar.

Another successful day 'down under walking with friends'!

Post script 1: The ship on the right came closest to shore. We were quite surprised.
Post script 2: The day wasn't totally successful. Thankfully Jenny had driven, because on return to her home, my car keys had vanished and I had to call Frank to come to the rescue. It is a total mystery as to how they disappeared.

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  1. Love the pelican photos! Looks like a beautiful beach. Bummer about your car keys. It must be almost summer in your part of the world.

  2. Thanks Linda. Summer came in September. We really only have winter and summer, hence one of the many reasons I love your blog. Temps hover between 85 and 95 right through to April and in the new Year this is accompanied with high humidity.

  3. That pelican shot looks really painful but the other scenes are beautiful!

    Hope you found the car keys OK!

  4. Thanks for dropping by Lola. I totally agree about the pain. One of the reasons we didn't stay to see what transpired!

  5. Wonderful photographs, Helen. Thanks for sharing. The Australian beaches appear very inviting in comparison to the very cold temperatures we have recently experienced here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season and thanks again for sharing your images and memories.