Monday 20 May 2024

Fabulous Weather Flora and Fauna

This is May.

Sunday night, 5 May, saw me up at 3 am to enjoy the much advertised Eta Aquariid meteor shower, claimed to be the best of the century! We had had days of cloud, so I was thrilled to wake to a starry sky. Alas, not one was a shooting star! My phone image just shows the light illumination from the Gold Coast, some 30 km away, not that my phone was ever going to record a shooting star. As a consquence, I never imagined that if I had travelled to the farm, I may have had a chance of seeing the Southern Aurora. There have been some amazing, widespread sightings here, and of cause brilliant images from the northern hemisphere. I can only hope that October may be a good time to see them on PEI.

6 May
Waking at 6, the sky to the west had a touch of pink, but a golden sunrise, mist, birds and shadows, thrilled me in the east.

The golf green mower, had already been through.

7 May 
The weather radar, and the sky to the east, showed ominous clouds, but there was no forecast of rain. The Gaiter Girls set off at  6.30 to the Crinkle Bush, Shark's Tail and Stone Hut Trails at nearby Carbrook. In January, the Hungry Hikers set off for a different trail but one very near here . They arrived to a torrential downpour and escaped to Mt Cotton for coffee, and then a lovely, local suburban walk.
Low and behold, this morning had exactly the same outcome for the GG's! Much laughter from me!

About 5 k's from our destination this huge rainbow appeared. Fortunately, we were at a point where we could turn right, to take a short road down to the Logan River parkland.

Janice's photo.

On our arrival at the trail's entrance, it was raining to the extreme. Yep, let's head for Mt Cotton and coffee.

Coffee enjoyed and the rain had cleared! The lovely suburban walk had its second walk from me. I was not complaining.

Top to bottom, LHS - Butcher Bird, Blue Stone Curlew, mother and noisy baby Ibis. RHS - Great Egret.

9 May

My early Mt Warren walk.

10 May - Ditto

It is unusual to see the Scaley Breasted Parrot.

11 May - Ditto

Looking east, the rain is still about at sunrise, but held off until later in the day.

12 May   - 5 pm onwards.

The massive whiteish cloud  on the RHS became a storm cell. Lightning was flashing all evening. I was surprised that my I-phone caught this image below.

14 May

It was Gaiter Girl walking day again. We headed for last week's trails. An absolutely marvellous morning exploring this new trail ensued. We were surprised by the diversity of the vegetation and the Gums/Eucalpyts, were looking stunning in the morning light, under crisp, clear blue skies.

I was amused by the trail names.

Someone named this tree, 'Shark's Tail'.

Morning tea was back at the Logan River.

15 May

Standing at the kitcken window at 7 am, I was thrilled to spot not one, but 5 pelicans feeding on the closest pond. It has been a long time since they have visited. Time poor, I decided to use the zoom on my camera to photograph them from some 100 metres away.

16 May - Feeding is over and 2 extras have flown in.

20 May
Winter has arrived. 9 C this morning at 6 am. The max is forecast to be 23 C. I am taking a friend to the coast to visit an elderly friend, so am looking forward to a sunny beach walk, under blue skies and gentle waves caressing the shore.

I'm back. It was a glorious day.

Meanwhile, 2 days ago, [18 May] my morning walk brought me these joys.

The above, is a very old and large Melaleucca, Paper Bark tree. It was a mass of blossoms and the scent of the nectar was heavenly, attracting many, many birds.

I think you just may guessed that I love this time of year. I recently spent 2 days in the garden planting, pruning and rearranging. Such a pleasure with these temperatures.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. What a delight that last tree is with all those birds. Amazing! Even the insects are gorgeous, Helen! That blue one especially. The kangaroo and baby must be a great sight. I love the droplets on the webs too. Fall is looking lovely!

    1. Marie, I haven't had a chance to return to the tree which is a shame. The birds just wouldn't keep still for me, hence the constant movement of the camera. This time last year we were in the beginings of drought so I am really appreciating the wonderful weather and lushness of everywhere.
      We never stop being excited by our native animals.

  2. MAY all your months be filled with such delightful things!

    1. Thanks Bill. I am am very fortunate to live where I do.

  3. "This is May" and I enjoy seeing what your May looks like and it's not even over yet! So vibrant and alive!

    1. Alexandra, May, June, July will all be very similar. In August the cold winds come through so not at all pleasant.

  4. Wow, a wonderful variety of beautiful skies! Looks like your weather is perfect. I've never had much luck trying to photograph meteor showers, with one exception. I was out doing long exposure (15 second) Milky Way photography and noticed the next day I had picked up a number of meteors. Turns out it's a lot easier to catch a meteor the longer your exposure. And if you blend images, you can end up with a number of meteor streaks. Fun stuff!

  5. Peter, the weather and skies have been pretty special! I am always impressed by your photography and talent. I only have a Sony point and shoot with 30x zoom but it serves me well, along with my phone. Anything more complicated and I would be confused!

  6. Even the spider webs are bigger there... :)
    Once more the beauty of landscapes, plants and animals is amazing. And it's fun to see, once more, how much your winter looks like our summer. (By the way, we had last night our first rain for several weeks. It's good but not enough yet.)
    The bird photo of 10 May is one of my favourites. Like some of the misty landscapes, it would make a wonderful framed picture or poster.
    The pelican photos are very special too. And the kangaroos and... :)
    Thank you and have a lovely weekend!

    1. Sara, not only are spider's webs bigger, they are constantly across any path one walks and so sticky, but so beautiful in the morning light.I had not realised that you needed rain. I hope you soon have more and that your garden flourishes with spring colour.

  7. The skies, the rainbows, the birds, the spider webs, and the greenery kept me enthralled. Here it's still snowy, so I need your photos showing growth!

  8. Dear Barb, as much as your photos portray the pristine beauty of snowfall, you must be longing for spring colour and sunshine.