Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Tygum Lagoon

 Sunday 24 October

Today I had a short, local walk [1.3 km] with my cousin and her seeing-eye dog, AJ. We were out early, as 35C was predicted as the maximum for the day. We were not alone. The parkland was milling with activity of both the human and creature kind. 

In the past fortnight we have had 5 inches of rain. The lagoon was full and the vegetation was green and flourishing. Thankfully a cooling breeze was blowing.

I had unusually remembered to bring my camera, as opposed to just using my phone. Within minutes the shutter was clicking. Our progress was not fast for the entire loop. There was so much to love and appreciate beneath the crisp, blue sky with its wispy clouds. So much to share with my Grandchildren were they here! An idea grew as I clicked. 

Another photobook has now been created and sent off to be printed.

Please enjoy our delightful, uplifting morning. The photos are in order of the circuit walked.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. What an amazing variety of feathered friends! Some sort of vulture even?

  2. That's a load of beautiful nature in such a short distance! I love the title of your new book for your Grandchildren!

  3. Always lovely but on this morning extra specially so!

  4. You always find such interesting places to go!

    1. Thank you, but I would love a lot more of your wilderness.

  5. You saw so much on this walk. That dog is like my neighbor's dog - a sweet malamute named Roxy. Your grandchildren will love all the photos of animals and birds plus those model boats! A photo book is a wonderful idea for keeping in touch with them.

  6. They are a beautiful dog. We don't see many but do wonder how they cope with the heat and humidity of our summer.
    I really enjoy creating books for Ben and Nora. Hopefully they will have a greater understanding of where we live and what we do.

  7. Thank you for sharing your walk with us!

  8. What a lovely idea for the photo-book. All those photos of rural wildlife and then right in the middle a massive reptile! I don't think I'll ever get used to these sudden images of an exotic animal! :)