Friday, 16 April 2021

Goodbye Steamy Hot Summer

 13 and 14 April

Welcome Autumn. Finally!

Warm, crisp, blue sky days, walking without dripping with sweat, you are such a relief!

This is how a tropical autumn looks. I must also add, this is how it looks when your country is all but Covid free.

School holidays and everyone is at the beach. No sunburn! 

Wednesday, Hungry Hiker's beach walk.


Tuesday, Gaiter Girls.
I had long wanted to hike the Cronan Creek Falls trail, but information  re the trail was limited. Last week I spotted a post on a Facebook Hiking site and low and behold, I discovered the trail was far more accessible than I had imagined.

6am saw Rebecca, Rachel and myself taking the 1 1/2 hour journey to Yellow Pinch Car Park, the trail head. 
It was a perfect autumn morning and we rejoiced for the people soaring overhead, in several hot air balloons.

The trail map for Cronan Creek Falls

Having driven along side Cronan Creek for several kilometres to the car park, we were quite surprised to be immedialely confronted by a steep climb. Several more were to follow.

Mt Lindesay in the distance, a favourite childhood peak.

There were several peaks that were eye catching. 


An impressive Mt Barney - a peak I would love to climb, but I fear my body would react on any steep, open gradient.

Mt Lindesay again.


The first of 7 creek crossings.

Rachel opted to slide across this tree trunk, rather than take her boots off.

Rebecca and I enjoyed the refreshing, coolness of the shallow water.

Further on, crossing no 2 was easily negotiated. View below the causeway.

View above and a log begging to be visited.

Alas, not as young as I used to be, so this is a posed shot, making use of the boulder.

Crossing no 3. Shoes off by me.

Nimble Rebecca and Rachel, again managed to succesfully cross with dry shoes and feet.

Looking down after a steep ascent.

Crossing no 4.

View after another ascent.

At this point we were beginning to wonder if we had missed signage to the falls. We had covered the distance suggested in the notes and here we were on another ascent. 

We really didn't want to climb Mt Barney on this occasion, so were very relieved that some 100 metres later, we stumbled on this very clear signage. [Not in the notes]

A short, bushy trail took us back to the creek and our first view of the falls.

Bright smiles before our icy swim. It was incredibly chilly, so much so, that none of us actually managed to swim to the base of the falls. The cold just took our breath away. Totally unexpected.

Sunshine through the gums, on our return journey.

Such an idyllic view of our final crossing, on this idyllic autumn hike!

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  1. I'm so glad your country is COVID free. The US could learn a lot from the Aussies in that department! Love the photos from your latest hike. You are so lucky to have such wonderful hiking companions!

    1. Thanks Linda. I am very fortunate in every regard. Friends, Covid, weather, health and Aussie landscapes.

  2. I love you guys--- you always seem to have so much fun. I also love the way you've worked with the pandemic. But I really wish you'd kept Rupert Murdoch--- perhaps in a special hospital... Ah well. Thanks for another fun post.

    1. Sorry about Rupert, Bill!
      Life does have its ups and downs, but we all agree, it just reaffirms that you have to make the most of every day.

  3. You always look like you have such fun on your group hikes. The creek crossings are interesting adventures on this hike. The terrain would be a challenge for some hikers but not for you women!

    The beach walk looks so inviting!

    1. Our motto is " It is not the distance. It is the journey" Always lots of laughter.
      Alas, the terrain is beginning to tell on our 'ageing' bodies. I was so annoyed that I couldn't balance well enough to rock hop, like Rebecca and Rachel.

  4. Another exciting hike with lovely landscapes. I'm sometimes worried about creek crossings if I have to balance on a log or hopscotch the rocks. So glad you could hike in coolness. Stay well.

    1. It was brilliant hike in every way, Barb.
      I had my first Covid vaccine yesterday.

  5. There may be people who enjoy life more than you, Helen. I have just never met them.

    1. Thank you David. Your words make me feel quite special. I am so very fortunate to have these wonderful friends to enjoy our great outdoors with.

  6. Cooler walking would definitely appeal to me more than humid and hot. It was another pretty walk and I appreciate you taking us along on the trek!

  7. Your fall looks heavenly. I'm envious of the covid freedom. Don't let us Anericans in, sadly.

  8. Looks lovely! And no masks and distancing either...

  9. Thank you for the lovely post, Helen!
    The unnamed peak is my favourite. It looks like the giants have been playing there in bygone days.
    I also learn English with your posts. I didn't remember "all but" means "almost completely". :) Congratulations on the successful fight against the Covid!
    Big hugs!