Sunday, 24 January 2021

Girraween Part Four - A Visit to Balancing Heart Winery

Monday 4 October

Our farmhouse was perfectly situated for its close proximity to the walking trails, but on arrival, we discovered it was even closer to the Balancing Heart Vineyard. 

It wasn't particularly cool, but it was lovely to watch the flames dancing, as we tasted a variety of wines. 

We had arrived late [4pm] at the winery, but we were made very welcome. The ambiance was such that we didn't depart until 5.30pm. On our return to the farmhouse, we were greeted by a mob of wallabies grazing outside the back door. They kept us captivated until the light faded.


The joy of wallaby watching was followed by the joy of a candle lit meal on the verandah. The Balancing Heart Campfire Red, was a perfect accompaniment to the delicious fare provided by Marlene.

The following morning we were well and truely on the trail by 7am, to explore the Bald Creek Trail. A flat trail, but full of wow on this crisp, blue sky morning. The prolific wildflowers, sensational refections, a roo or two, glimpses of Pyramid and Castle Rock, a surprised slithery friend and a creek, which had eroded its course through vast, smooth granite, made this our final walk quite exceptional.

Pyramid Rock

The trail entering the creek bed of eroded granite.

This flowering native shrub immediately above me, [ photo above] was glorious against the intense blue sky.

A perfect reflection taken by Jocelyn.

Bald Rock Creek meets Ramsey Creek at The Junction - 1992


We are always on the alert for snakes. On our return leg, I must admit I wasn't as watchful, as the path was so open. I'm not sure if I actually stood on any part of this Red Belly Black Snake, but thankfully he took evasive action rather than attack. His fast, noisy slithering action on the granite, made me aware of his presence. We were able to stand well away from him and watch him repeatedly try to slither up the smooth slope, towards the cover of the bush.

Castle Rock using my 30x zoom.

A short trail, but spectacular in every way. Now sadly, it was time to return to the farmhouse and pack for our departure time of 10am. Girraween Part Five will share the highlights of our journey home.

I would love to read your comments.


  1. I wondered about snakes as I read, then you showed one. I would be so nervous of snakes there.

    This sounds like a perfect trail for and early morning walk. The blooms are gorgeous.

    The photo from almost thirty years ago is a great one. Time has changed the people, not the area.

    1. We come across them infrequently, Marie. They usually scuttle when they hear you approaching.
      We were so fortunate that the drought had broken prior to our visit.

  2. So weird to see no masks, I wish our country was doing as well as yours. Good thing you didn't step on the snake!

    1. Greater Brisbane had to wear them for two weeks recently, until they were able to trace and test all those with possible contact with an unexplained host. Now it is back to social distancing and sanitizing. Hopefully your vacine roll out now underway, will have positive outcomes.

  3. Your visit to the winery brought back so many memories of Laura and I visiting wineries in Washington, Oregon,and California. No Wallabies, but I do remember a "Flyover Red" at one winery in Southern Oregon. It was quite nice. It may take the better part of 2021 for our country to get well, but at least the Orange Menace is gone.

  4. It is a relief for all that the Orange Menace is gone!
    The Stanthorpe region has about 60 wineries. On a previous visit we did a wine tour. Just visiting one, as on this occasion, was just so more relaxed and enjoyable.

  5. What a fabulous place! Glad you and the snake parted ways as friends...

  6. Hello dear Helen, what a beautiful and interesting post!
    Thank you for your kind comments. We have some health issues in our family now. I'm looking forward to reading your posts with more time.
    Take care!

  7. I love the reflection photos! Yikes - glad the snake was in a hurry to leave. It looks like a spectacular place to visit - can't believe all the wallabies.

  8. Another beautiful hike with plenty of flora and fauna and curious creatures ... along with some liquid refreshment. It sounds like a lovely trip.