Friday, 17 January 2020

A Coastal Cycle

Tuesday 31 December, New Year's Eve.

During the Christmas period, I was staying at Tweed heads in my sister in law's unit that overlooks the Tweed River. I had the use of her very comfortable bicycle to peddle to the beach and elsewhere.

On this last day of 2019, I was up at 4.15am to prepare myself for sunrise, followed by an epic [for me] bike ride, south to Hastings Point.

I'm not the best early riser but stepping outside to be greeted by this view, I was quickly in my happy place.

5 am

Five kilometres into the ride, there was one very steep [for me] hill to be climbed. I took time to enjoy the shrubbery and the birds singing, as I pushed the bike to the top. The cycle path signs were poor so when I finally dropped down to the river, I then had to climb / push bike, back up onto the bridge.

RHS leads to the footpath cycleway on the bridge.

Made it and the views were supurb!

6am and a relaxing peddle beside the Tweed River.

Mt Warning, which I intend to climb again on my 70th birthday next year, is hiding behind the clouds.

The river has been left behind and my path now takes me along the foreshore to Kinsgcliffe. 

Looking north.

Looking south.

And shimmering sunlight to the east.


Low tide at Cudgen Creek. The view was very different on my return. There will be pics.

The cycle path now headed south behind the sand dunes. The ebb and flow of the waves heard through the bush, was soothing.

This area has been develpoed over the last 10 years, but the nature strip between the housing and the sea has been very well planned. I was riding in shade much of the time. On my hot return journey, I was very grateful.

Arriving at Salt Village I was thrilled to spot a French Patisserie. Purchases were made and enjoyed at the beach.

How wondeerful are our beaches. A distant view north.

Collecting my bicycle to continue on, I was delayed with the antics of a bush turkey building her nest. These nests are a massive construction. Cycling further on, I actually spotted a turkey resting in a tree. I had thought they were only ground birds,

The bush turkey, busy with her nest.

A variety of sculptures were positioned along the pathway.

I'm pleased to report that I cycled to the top of this headland at Cabarita.

On reaching my destination, I was delighted that the path took me passed a coffee shop. A purchase was made. A short cycle took me to the Hastings Point headland, that at this hour of 8.30 am, was packed to capacity with holiday makers and sightseers.

I found a shady Banyan tree to sit under as the sun was toasty, even at this early hour. Once my coffee was enjoyed, I had a refreshing swim. Relaxing, I was serenaded by this lovely magpie.

9.30 am saw me manning my bike again, refreshed and ready for the 29km return journey. About one kilometre from Cudgen Creek, I spotted this secluded picnic area. The sea and chair beckoned.

Relaxing after my swim. 
I should note here, that I am very aware that it isn't safe to swim in unpatrolled areas. I cooled myself off in the shallow water of the edge.

11 am - a much fuller tide at a much busier Cudgen Creek.

I was determined not to push my bike up the STEEP [for me] hill, on my return journey. I made it 3/4 of the way and as you can see the effort left me very hot and bothered.

1pm and the pathway is again following the bank of theTweed River near my destination. I was spellbound with the intense aqua colour of the water. It invited me in for a final refreshing dip, before peddling slowly, the final kilometre to the unit.

The perfect view for recovering from this fabulous morning's excercise.

By 6 pm I had cycled to my favourite ocean viewing post, ready to enjoy the final sunset for 2019. The waves did not disappoint.

Filmed on slo-mo.

A peaceful farewell, after the chaos of the past weeks of fire danger.

2020 is dawning across the Tweed River.

A fabulous ride of 58 kilometres to end the year and a beautiful dawn to welcome the new. My life is good.
I now have a Granddaughter, Nora Margaret Dobbin who has arrived safely in very snowy conditions. Good rainfalls are occurring over vast areas, where it has been so desperately been neeeded. I trust, that as this year unfolds, people will be able to recover from the hearbreak of late 2019.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. What a delightful place-- and what a delightful day you had. It's good that you are able to be so active.

    1. It was. It is. Yet doing a 1000 piece jigsaw has given me a sore back!

  2. Your post, as always, Helen, is comprised of a wonderful series of pictures, linked together by an appealing narrative. I can't get used to you as a solo cyclist. Your very identity is bound up with your group!

    1. I love my group, but time alone to push one's boundaries is also quite wonderful.

  3. That sunrise was totally worth the early wake up call! What a nice bike path and looked like a wonderful ride (despite the big hill). Congrats on your new granddaughter! Hope you get to see her soon.

    1. The cycle path is the beginning leg of the 1860 km cycle trail to Sydney. I'd have continued but I think there might have been a few too many hills! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Such a wonderful post that made at least one of the readers feel very relaxed and happy. :D
    58 kilometres! It's quite an achievement. But I suppose the gorgeous views help. :)
    Happy 2020! ⭐

    1. The views most certainly made the effort worthwhile. I hope you have been able to stay relaxed.

  5. Such lovely cloud images ... I understand the clouds did a very big dump in that area recently.

  6. On Thursday evening we went to bed with starry skies, unable to see the water level in the ponds. I'd heard it raining off and on during the night but had no idea that 110mm of rain had fallen. The ponds were overflowing. So wonderful that so many have benefitted from these falls. If only the Parkes / Dubbo coud have relief. Those dust storms are unimaginable.

  7. The video is amazing for this land-locked Kansan! I absolutely love the photo above it, too. You should put that one on canvas for your house. As always, I love the morning and evening skies, too.

    1. On numerous occasions, I have set off for a long walk and end up not leaving here, as the waves are so mesmerising. If I am lucky, their will be dolphins riding the waves. Sadly, that hasn't happened for a while.

  8. And CONGRATULATIONS on your granddaughter! That's so exciting!

    1. Thanks Kim. She is absolutely adoreable but oh so far away. Thank goodnes for Facetime.

  9. Helen, You are an Amazon Woman! That was quite a ride - I enjoyed the scenery. You rang out hte old and brought in the new in exactly the right way. I'm so happy to hear that little Nora Margaret is now safely with her parents and brother. I owe you an e-mail! Where does the time go?

  10. A great way to see in the new year!