Thursday, 26 September 2019

A little bit of Spring in my Garden

I'm pleased to report that the weather conditions improved for the better, 5 days after the onset of the bushfires in our area. Our firefighters did an mazing job of preventing loss of life and homes. Some areas have had small amounts of rainfall and we have our fingers crossed for more, although the outlook still isn't great.

We have tank water for our garden, although this is reserved for a few annuals, potplants and vegetables. Most of the garden is planted with native shrubs who have to manage with just rainfall.

Last week I was quite surprised with the spring colour that greeted me, especially my white king orchid, a native of the rainforest.

Last week the Hungry Hikers visited the annual Swell Sculpture Festival on the Gold Coast. "50, large scale contempory sculptures are set amongst the natural landscape of Currumbin Beach."

The frog sculpture, a little further on, sits on the huge boulder at the end of Currumbin Beach. We energetically climbed 100 steep steps for this lovely view.

My favourite

Front view

Back view

This finds me filling in time at Vancouver Airport, between flights, on my journey to visit darling Ben again, for his 2nd birthday. 


  1. Enjoy your visit with Ben! (Your garden is beautiful!)

  2. Wow! Lovely garden and great beach shots.

  3. Your garden is lovely and the orchards to die for. I wish I was as good at gardening. I love the three birds sculpture.