Wednesday 8 August 2018

Return Visit to Jumpers and Jazz, Warwick.

Last year I visited this event in the rural town of Warwick by myself and vowed to return again in 2018. A memo was left on my calendar so as not to miss the date. My enjoyment this year was enhanced by the company of my good friend Jocelyn, who was equally impressed with Warwick's community spirit and creativity. Having taken an excessive amount of photos last year I was determined to only snap a few this year. That determination petered out very quickly as the exhibits were sensational.

This year's theme was "Dulcet" and I was again amazed at how this theme was so creatively expressed through knitting, crocheting and use of other materials. Being a weekday, there was little entertainment and the footpaths were not crowded, allowing a leisurely stroll over 5 hours to view all exhibits.

The City Hall and main street.

Fitzroy Street.

A warmly wrapped Thomas Joseph Byrnes, the member for Warwick 1896 - 1898.

Street bollards and columns were beautifully decorated.

Many shops and shop windows were decorated without entering the competition.

After 15 years many entries are no longer made just by locals.

Lincolnshire, UK.

"The Nutcracker Ballet" - Kirsten Clarke, Mudgeeraba, Qld.

"As Sweet as Honey" by Bianca, Ava, Emee and Anne Standing of Wellington Point.

"Save the Koalas" by Appin Crochet Community, NSW.

The local Art Gallery again created a stunning display of incredible detail.

Individuals exhibited.

"Cats Rule" by Margaret Armstrong.
" ........... I can think of nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than to be carried away with the "Dulcet" sounds of a cat's contented purring."

School groups participated.

Warwick Community Kindergarten -" There's nothing purer than the unharnessed creativity of a young soul bursting with enthusiasm."

The Ryan Family of Warwick - "Reduce, reuse, recycle."

Snapshots of a few different entries.

Bird Song - Inglewood Aged Care.

Do you take the time to stop and listen?
Have you ever really heard?
The beautiful musical songs, Of our many Australian birds.

At the first light of day,
 Or late in the afternoon, 
You may hear the whistles, carols and trills.
Sounds glorious to the ear, such dulcet tunes. [D. Yates]

The Groovy Grannies "created a display to generate a feeling of harmony with nature."

Oak Tree Retirement Village - "Our Postbox of Yesteryear".

Apologies, but I have no information on this lovely Humpty Dumpty creation.

One of my favourites. "A trip down Memory Lane" by TMR Border District Social Club.
"We took a trip down memory lane and stepped back into our childhood with the sweet, soothing scents of the lolly shop.'

Many individuals created "A Smell of 65 Roses"

A fun Christmas display by a fun group of Warwick women.

Finally my winner. - "Birds and bees,
                                        Flowers and a tree." by Warwick's Digger Garden Group.

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into Warwick's Jumpers and Jazz Festival. It is most definitely worth adding to your calendar if you live in SE Queensland. It is already bookmarked for me for 2019.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. What creativity! Loved all the brightly colored tree (and other items) decor. I can see why you went back for this year's festival.

  2. What a lot of fun! I am always glad to see what you've been up to...

    My series of pictures was brought on by one of the terrible wildfires burning down an abandoned house-- a photographer's favorite! I then did the first school, then another, and so on. I have been working on pictures that I took 2-3 years back. People seem to have enjoyed them, so I'm going to put some more "dry side" shots over the next week or two. The one I just now put on is the third one of a tiny little schoolhouse in the ghost town of Boyd. Thanks, as always, for your kind words.

    1. Thanks Bill. Life is pretty full on at present enjoing retirement to the max. I don't have enough time to blog or comment on my favourite sites.
      Thanks for the above explanation. Just so much history lost to these ghost towns.

  3. Amazing. Thanks for posting all those photos they give a great sense of the extent of the festival.

  4. I love all those wrapped trees! Fabulous.

  5. Everything's bigger in Australia. :)
    What an amazing festival! Yarnbombing is my new favourite word.

  6. I have never seen anything like it, Helen. I've seen an occasional tree jumper here in the US, usually outside a knit shop. The magnitude of the exhibits in Warick is amazing. I liked reading the accompanying literature (esp the 65 roses one).

    1. Yes Barb. It was absolutely brilliant. What amazes me is the fact that they are now preparing for next year's theme.
      Last year's theme was 'Meander"

  7. This is brilliant... so much colour and fun! Awesome!

    1. Jocelyn is visiting friends in Hervey Bay this weekend and has posted an Instagram of Yarnbombing there.

  8. I've just been catching up on your posts after our own European odyssey. I love these woollen creations - so much imagination on display. Lovely images too from your trips to the North and to Europe. And the kids on that challenge walk did amazingly well - it's the amount of ascent which staggered me.

  9. Some incredibly creative work there. Who knew you could “knit” a whole town!