Friday, 21 July 2017

Whales and Perfect Winter Weather

Wednesday 19 June

The Hungry Hikers took the 9am car ferry to Stradbroke Island on Wednesday morning. A 20 minute drive had us in the carpark at Point Lookout. In Brisbane, blustery, cold westerly winds had everyone complaining and grabbing their winter woolies.

View a short distance from the carpark.

It only took us 10 minutes to find this this protected clifftop and set ourselves up for a wonderful day of whale, dolphin, turtle and stingray watching.

The action commenced almost immediately.

We weren't the only ones looking to the horizon.

This humpback and calf, lazily drifted passed below us.

A splash of red in contrast to the magnificent sea blue, at day's end.

Thursday 20 June

It was an early rise for The Gaiter Girls, with our 6.45 departure for our 2 hour drive to Lennox Heads, NSW.

Not to be outdone, dusk and sunset were at their best.

Skennars Head - a short, metal stepped climb, brings one through a lovely glade of trees to this view. Today the whales were further out to sea, but spotting a spray, spume of water or tail lifting, still brought excited shouts of 'over there' or 'LOOK!'

We were slow to get the hiking going. How could it be otherwise, with this glorious coastline to view, and the whales, and the dolphins!

Our 'Little People' making the most of the beach and sunshine.

Lunch view.

On reaching Ballina, we took an Uber two thirds of the way back to the carpark, because of time constraints to the day.

Beginning to retrace our steps.

Life can't be much better than this!

Celebrations with friends on their Main Beach, balcony unit, Southport, was a fitting finale to a wonderful day in our great 'winter', outdoors. 
The above sunset shots were viewed from here.

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  1. Gorgeous photos of a glorious winter day. Seeing the Whales brought back the memories from our trip a couple of years ago :)

    1. You would love this coastline. No crocodiles to worry about.

  2. Gorgeous indeed! Great pictures of a great day! Thanks, Helen.

  3. Gorgeous, magnificent, fabulous...
    In general, I'm not a girl consumed by wanderlust, but your photos surely make one desire for being able to experience such places. :)
    Thank you for sharing them!
    Have a great new week! xx

    1. PS The Mountain Blue Butterfly looks gorgeous too. :)

    2. Our winter skies are amazing. Such a contrast to what you experience in Finland.

  4. That looks amazing. What a wonderful place to be.
    Nice shots!!

    Greetings, Marco

  5. Oh wow! What incredible wildlife! Love the whales! Your coastline is gorgeous.

  6. Those ocean shots are amazing to this land-locked Kansan!

    1. I can well understand that. I never tire of these views, especially under the winter sun.