Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Could it be autumn?

Officially autumn commenced 6 weeks ago, but there have been very few signs of its arrival.

This week however, our long hot summer appears to be fading. Our overnight temperatures have dropped to 17 C, with last night down to 12 C. We are delighted that the maximum has finally dropped below 30 C, ranging from 25 - 29 C.

Other signs - shorter days.
Sunrise 6am.

Sunset 5.30 pm.

Our first misty morning.
Note the dirty path. This parkland was metres under water, just 10 days ago.
Looking east.

Looking west.

Perfect temperature to enjoy Brisbane's Southbank precinct, beside the Brisbane River.

Yes, this is our autumn, along with crystal clear blue skies. The humidity is gone. Our energy has returned.

Last weekend we were driving on a road to visit friends. It took us passed a bend in the Albert River, where the flood truly took its toll, knocking down trees and eroding the riverbank and foundations of the bridge. 

Displaced bitumen at the far end of the bridge.

How long will this gum stay standing.

A picture of tranquility now.

My friend Laurel was visiting her family in Proserpine, when Cyclone Debbie first began her trail of destruction.
I've attached a link to her account of her experience of the actual storm.


Not content with the damage she caused in Australia, Debbie continued across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand's north island, again causing flooding, landslides and airport closures.

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  1. I love the fourth photo of the line of bushes in the mist!

  2. Glad to see things are cooling off for you finally. Sad to see the damage all the flooding caused.

  3. I, too, like the photos in the fog the best. We fluctuate in temperature so much this time of year. Overnight, we had light frost, though not enough to damage, thankfully. But we've already had some days in the 80s this spring. The only thing constant about the weather is that it's changeable!

    Thanks for your link to your friend's blog about Debbie. I would say most Kansans have a similar approach to weather as she chronicled. We are aware, but not frantic when it comes to storms. However, as I get older, I do have a tendency to worry more about it, I think (for all the good it does me)!

  4. I'm so glad to see bits and pieces of our Spring, I think I'd shoot myself if I saw Autumn approaching right now... BUT... I too liked the foggy pictures best. Another super post, Helen.

  5. The first photos are indeed perfectly beautiful and calm. Your autumn temperatures sound ideal. Otherwise your autumn this year seems to be like our spring: late. :)
    I hope you will have a happy Easter... and many refreshing walks! xx

    1. Thanks Sara. Our autumn isn't really late. Quite normal, except for the higher temperatures.