Thursday, 3 November 2016

Day 1 of Hiking in the Alpujurras in Spain.

31st October

The day began with a 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Granada to Capileria.

1 1/2 hours were spent climbing high into the Sierra Nevada on a steep, constantly winding road with little between the edge of the road and the valley far below. Initially we had chosen the wrong side of the bus, but eventually 2 seats on the opposite side were vacated and we quickly moved.
The terrain was incredible and its land use by the Spanish astonishing.

In Capileria, we were delighted with the view from our room.

We were 'croosing' by 1.30 pm - 9.4 km circuit - Capileria, Bunion, down to the Poqueria River and back to Capileria. 350m [mostly steep] ascent and descent.

All the village homes in this area are white with gorgeous chimneys.

The narrow, cobbled alleyways were endlessly photographed, as were the hanging baskets of geraniums and other colourful flowers.

Setting off.
The view back down the valley we had driven up. [ our zig zag road in distance.]

If only more of the trail had been this easy.

Village of Bubion

Water channels and storage are a constant feature everywhere we hike. It amazes me how so much land can be cultivated in such a dry mountainous area. The sound of trickling water accompanies us regularly, but its source is rarely seen.

It wasn't planned, but it's such a joy to me to be here in autumn.

And now the descent to the river begins, with quite a few hiccups in following our printed directions.

The ruggard Poqueria River valley.

Having crossed the river, the trail took us high above the river course with views back to Capileria, our destination.

Another crossing has been made and the steep haul up to our village is eased by the beauty of these poplars.

The disadvantage of these villages is, that to get anywhere, you either have to walk up or walk down. Having reached the edge of Capileria it was a long walk up. Passing this lovely out door bar, we promised ourselves a nice cold beer when we reached our plaza. Alas, the time had just turned 5. Today was La Mauraca Festival and the bars were shutting early to join in the festivities in our plaza, accompanied by LOUD music. We are not sure whether the festival was related to Halloween or All Saints Day, but it was a 4 day weekend. The atmosphere of locals meeting together was wonderful, if only they could have turned down the music a tad.

Our plaza and the early roasting of chestnuts to be eaten with the drink anise.

We managed to sleep and woke to a tranquil plaza and sunrise.

As part of our visit to Spain, we included 7 days walking in the Alpujurras  in the Sierra Nevada. We have used the company MacsAdventure to organise accommodation, transfer of luggage, maps and walking notes. What a fantastic start to our week.


  1. I've been enjoying your photos on Facebook, and now I get to read more of the story! What a lovely place to hike and I really like all those white buildings and wide open views. Although the celebration was noisy, at least you got to experience some local culture.

  2. Thanks Linda. We got in at 2 and were quite exhausted. The thought of walking down the village and back up was quickly squashed so I had time for the post. Today has been more relaxing, walking along the Trevelez River towards its source. Tomorrow was to be 16 kms but the weather forecast isn't good. Time will tell.

  3. You're in Spain--- another friend in in Portugal. Meanwhile we seem to have had the wettest October ever---and November is starting out the same. Thanks for the post. Very enjoyable.

  4. Send some of your rain to Spain. They would love it!

  5. Such beautiful old buildings! Looks like a great, though hard, hike.

  6. We nearly went to the Alpajurras once and had to cancel. Still hope to get there. Weather looks great. What sort of temperatures did you have?

  7. A range of 8 to 16 C. Perfect for hiking and because of the steepness we were sweating heaps!
    Thought of you lots in Granada. The weather was perfect warm sunshine and we totally enjoyed our stay. A post will come.

  8. The views are so pretty! The temperature sounds ideals. Oh all those ups & downs!

  9. Superb photos, enjoying feeling some virtual warm sun in cold and cloudy UK