Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wainwright's Coast to Coast - Day 4

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 Tuesday 15 September, 2015

Grasmere to Patterdale - 14 kms, 6 hours.

There was mist on the fells as we set off this morning.

Initially we retraced some of our steps from yesterday, before making our right turn across the valley, to commence the climb for the day to Grisedale Tarn [573m].

The pattern of the day was much the same as yesterday, but not as arduous. A long climb up Little Tongue Gill and then a reasonably gentle, long descent down the other side of the tarn to Patterdale, following the Griesdale Beck. A few sections quite steep and rough, but overall, there was time to appreciate the towering crags surrounding us, the woolly jumpers, more tumbling waterfalls and distant views.

At this beck crossing, the path divided. Deep consultation with the maps took place before we proceeded, as we didn't want to make the mistake of Day 2. The higher route was to Helvellyn at 
950 m. I had previously climbed in that area and had no desire to return, especially on hearing that 5 had died on the peak up until June this year and 11 died last year. I feel that if signage was improved, fewer would find themselves taking the wrong route.
 Looking back to Grasmere.

                               Still to climb.

 The scramble of the day to Grisedale Tarn

 We may have been 1st out of Grasmere but as we took a rest at the tarn, everyone caught up to us.
Lollies and tales were shared and group photos taken. Just a lovely atmosphere.

 A rather slippery, muddy path edged down to the tarn's shoreline.

 We had descended from the V on the left.

Now the true descent began, but thankfully the path was reasonable. As we progressed down the valley, bleating sheep again kept us company, but it was difficult to spot where they were munching high on these wild fells. What an experience it would be, to be passing, as the sheep dogs were being worked to bring them down. Further down, we were stunned at where rock walls scaled the sides of the fells. How long did they take to build? How long ago? So many questions.

                     Almost down.

 The valley was lush and green with bucolic scenes of sheep grazing and cows being herded.
Chatting to a local farmer, he told us, that he is paid a large sum of money each year, to keep farming in the traditional ways.

 Passing the Bris Gang taking their lunch break. What a perfect setting.

We arrived at the White Lion Hotel at 2.30 and we all flopped onto our beds and didn't stir for a good hour or so. First chance to relax and we made the most of it.

                        Rural view from one window.

Quaint village scene the other.

Today's mileage and gradient were very welcome. A chance to refresh before the final Lakes District challenge, of High Pike, tomorrow.

Writing this blog has been quite a saga. Initially I couldn't start when hiking, because of internet issues. Since my return, this new MacBook Pro has been challenging me constantly. It thinks it knows what I want to write and worse still, what I want to delate. Tomorrow 5 of us are flying to China on a travel deal too good to resist, so I will be back later in the year.

Do hope you too have fallen in love with the Coast to Coast. I would love to read your comment.


  1. I have been enjoying following you on your journey and now we have to wait to see how the balance of your adventure plays out. Have a wonderful time in China!

  2. Stunning landscapes! Glad this day wasn't as strenuous as the day prior. Have a great time in China. Looking forward to your recaps of that trip too.

  3. Very enjoyable, but all that walking wore me out, so I had another glass of wine and put my feet up. Lovely pictures!

  4. Enjoying reading your recap, Helen. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  5. Such a beautiful part of the country, and I just love that Herdwick sheep! Xxx

  6. This is so lovely. It's on my list.

  7. What a wonderful post and I'm enjoying following your journey and "walks with friends". I wish I had friends to do this with!!

  8. Signage is a real problem, isn't it? We often have the same problem when cycling. I agree about the safety aspect.