Monday, 13 April 2015

A Day of Contrasts

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Wednesday 8 April

After the heat, rain and humidity of the past few weeks, it was wonderful to set off walking under crisp, blue autumn skies.
 It was a short drive to Regatta Waters Lake, beside the Coomera River. Once a quarry for river gravel, it was  redeveloped as the Damian Leeding Memorial Park. It is beside the often clogged Brisbane / Gold Coast Motorway, but because of this proximity, I have never been inclined to explore it. Recently a friend cycled its shoreline and expoused its beauty.
There is a wide path around its perimeter [3.9 kms], picnic and exercising areas and participants of rowing, sailing, kayaking and model boats all make use of the lake. The sounds of traffic did not intrude on us at all.

Research revealed that Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding was shot in response to an armed hold up. His life support had to be turned off 3 days later. Damian was a physical fitness advocate, so it is fitting that this beautiful area be named in his honour.

Regatta Waters Lake

While the blue of the lake and sky mesmerised us, we were also enraptured by ducks, a very new born calf and its mother, a remarkable old gum, parrots, horses / riders and mushrooms flourishing after the Easter downpours.

We were able to extend the 3.9 km loop of the lake to 8 kms, by taking paths adjacent to it.

 A 10 minute drive took us to a small park, bordering the Nerang National Park. We enjoyed our lunch in a small, grassy park opposite the entrance.
The morning's walk was leisurely, but our 5 kms here, soon had the heart racing. We hiked up and down the ridges surrounded by open forest. This was in total contrast to our morning by the lake.

It is such a joy to be able to hike 'down under' regularly and to continue to discover new and inspiring destinations.

Thank you for hiking the lake and hills with me today. I hope you enjoyed the trails. I would love to read your comment.

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