Friday, 18 April 2014

My Favourite Time of Year

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Cyclone Ita spent
Showers vanished
Crisp morning air
Clear, vivid blue skies
Warm, sweat free days
Glistening aqua sea
Distinct horizon
Feelings of unlimited energy

So fortunate to have just spent 3 nights at Tweed Heads to enjoy the blissful days of mid Autumn. The coast really threw up some spectacular days for me to luxuriate in. They even tossed in a full moon, solar eclipse, and stunning sunrise and sunsets.

I was on the beach by 6 am each day and reluctantly returned to the house, a couple of hours later. Time was spent paddling in the gentle wash of the waves, appreciating the skill and energy of the surfers, listening to the comradery of locals and of cause, continously snapping photos. Mid morning I was back and relaxing in the shade with a great book, ocean vista and the wondrous sound of the waves breaking. Such perfect weather made it difficult to leave for an evening meal and not miss the moon rising. So much to watch and appreciate.

 Just love this modern family arriving at the beach. Who gets to look after the baby?

Thankfully my Wednesday walkers were happy to meet me here, and after coffee and bun, we drove a short distance to just north of Kingscliff.
On setting off we followed the footpath, but this view beckoned us to the beach.

Once we reached Kingscliffe [seen in distance] we reluctantly had to leave the beach and return to the footpath.

 Observing families making the most of  this wonderful weather, brought back special memories of my sons at a similar age. Tennis balls were always being thrown to them by their father.
Cudgen Creek

 Whilst crossing Cudgen Creek, we spied Mt Warning in the distance. It is on our bucket list to achieve.

The path was continuous  after crossing the creek to just before Cabarita Beach. To our left was a green belt through which we could see and hear the sea. To the right, a modern well planned housing development, but the strip for the pathway was a leafy 50 metres wide and dotted with sculptures, access to the beach, showers and resting benches.

Before I found a special spot for my lady bird, Jenny shared 3 Lindt chocolate lady birds with us. I was going to keep mine BUT the day was hot!

A final beach walk completed the 15 km's to Cabarita. A delicious lunch was finished just in time to catch the bus back to Kingscliff and coffee with a good friend of Margots.

We all agreed that 'Walking Down Under' at this time of year, most definitely gives one that "glad to be alive" feeling!

I love having you along. Please comment if you have enjoyed the read.


  1. Incredibly colorful (including the footwear) and soothing! Your timing of this post is perferct for me and a big thanks for making it available for me this morning as I look out the window here to a rain/snow mix falling. I like how you "remember to breathe"! Wonderful scenery and for part of it you have wonderful friends to share it with!

  2. Thank you Alexandra. I was on a high all the time. If only our summer could be like this weather. I noted on the Banff web cam that things were pretty gloomy. Do hope it quickly improves for you. Happy Easter