Thursday, 30 May 2013

March 13 - early morning walk.

                                                                       Click on the photos to enlarge their size.

 Work got in the way of walking this week, so I've decided to share what turned out to be  a very special suburban walk, that I took earlier this year.
My wonderful neighbour Laurel, teaches at Rivermount College at Yatala. Often, when I haven't received a call for work by the time she departs for school, I take a ride with her and walk home. The walk usually takes about 1 hour 10 mins of walking at a steady pace.
It's good exercise and here the suburban landscape is not unpleasant.

On this particular day, I took a good hour and a half to make the journey home, as there was just so much beauty catching my eye, after another week of continuous rain. I  had to find several trees to shelter under, as the showers continued.

A short walk from the school saw me crossing the peaceful Albert River, via the public footbridge. Stepping off it , I was among tall, grand gums, looking even grander in their colourful peeling bark.


Next to catch my eye was water, gently swirling out of the drain beneath the road into someones dam, where a small, unknown bird, was contemplating his lush surroundings.

The joy of being out and about on this overcast morning grew, when I spotted the rainbow lorikeet breakfasting on the nectar of the Golden Penda flowers and bees and other insects foraging on other plants.

Soon after, I was delighting in the unspoilt beauty of a field yet to feel the power of man and machine.



Walking on, I was soon captivated by the beauty of this hibiscus and golden seed pods.

And when I didn't think I could be impressed any more, I spotted these magnificent water lilies.

Moving on, I discovered that a grassy path I'd always wanted to walk, had recently been mown. My thought was, 'that if a tractor could mow, then it would be fine for me to walk'. It wasn't the case, but my shoes were easily washed on my return and I did enjoy walking along the bank of this heavy flowing creek and jumping a drain or two.

As my journey was nearing its end, there was this reminder of the flood heights in January. The creek is down to the right.

                              So glad I didn't forget to take my camera today!!!

Happiness is.........
                             Watching this week's full moon rise.

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  1. Love your shots of the water lilies. Very nice!

  2. Thank you Linda. I was delighted with them too, as I had no tripod and they were some distance from the bank. The bee was a surprise when I uploaded.