Friday, 3 February 2017

Brisbane Forest Park

Wednesday 1 February.

The heat is still with us, so we made another early start. In fact, it has just been announced that January was the hottest January on record and that this round of heat and humidity will continue for another week. I truely admire those whose occupation has them working outside in these conditions.

Today we chose to cross Brisbane and climb the D'Aguilar Range to Mt Glorious [599m]. Not high, but definitely cooler. This would be at least our 4th visit over the 4 years we have been walking 'Wednesday's'. It always gives us the unexpected.

On our first visit it was the flaming tree - pure chance of being in just the right spot at the right time.
The sun shining through a strangler fig tree.

Today's view.

A year later the unexpected was not so much the number of leeches, but their capacity to infect. Jenny spent a week with her leg elevated and my brother who was visiting, had to go on antibiotics.

Today however, the unexpected was the abundance of rainforest fruit. The trail was called Green Falls Trail, but we quickly named it the 'Lilly Pilly Trail.' The fruit of this tree is an amazing purple in colour. It must have been at the height of its season, as I have never seen such a carpet of colour before.

The trail.

Below the trail.

In the creek.

I have just realised we were so busy looking at the ground, that not once did we look up to see the fruit on the trees. Because of the rainforest canopy, I don't think the view would have been at all spectacular.

Not so prolific, but equally beautiful.

Cooling greens and shade.

There were big trees, but nothing of the dimensions of last week. I think this area would have experienced heavy logging in its early history of settlement and these would be the regrowth trees.

The top of Green Falls.

Nature's drainage.

A fallen giant - I couldn't resist walking along a good 50m of its length.

A break in the canopy gave us this expansive view to the south west.

My favourite photo of the day.

I'm pleased to report that not one leech jumped on for the ride today. The 'fire' didn't burn, as we were too early in the day. The purple trail was quite something to see!

I would love to read your comment.


  1. what a place! A carpet of color, and some gorgeous fungus... Glad you avoided the leeches! Maybe they're all here, at the White House.

  2. I'd rather have them here, than you to have to suffer them in the White House!

  3. Love the flaming tree and purple fruit! Glad you avoided the leeches this year, though.

  4. Those purple berries really are stunning

  5. So pretty! We had the coldest January. I hope your warm temps don't translate into bushfires.

    1. Thanks Mary. So far so good. Here's hoping the temps drop soon, but sadly not in the forecast for this week.

  6. Oh no, I understood only now that in that paradise-looking forest there are leeches that don't live in the water! I found plenty of material about them on the Internet, but I will read more when I feel particularly bold. :)
    The purple fruits look lovely.
    Take care! xx

  7. Sara, I wasn't so lucky on Friday. About to take a photo, I found one on my lower arm. Thankfully he hadn't time to latch so he was quickly removed. I'd rather them, than an unexpected sighting of a snake.