Sunday, 5 February 2017

Daves Creek Circuit - Binna Burra

Friday 3 February

I've joined a second group of hikers on Thursdays - The Gaiter Girls. This week it just happened to be Friday. We again set off early and we found the temperature 'pleasant' to walk in. My new garmin watch told me it was 28C and only 74% humidity. At home it was 33C and over 85% humidity.

This 14 km circuit with varying terrain and vegetation was exhilarating to hike, with its rainforest to Antarctic Beech, eucalypts, casuarina, mallee woodland and piccabeen palms. At times dark and shaded and others with expansive views across the Numibah Valley and Lamington Plateau.

Before entry, we had to clean our shoes at the spray station to prevent the spread of 2 known overseas fungi that could cause devastation to our trees.

Tree ferns.

Numerous, small water crossings.

Hopefully the good fungi!

Molongolee Cave

We passed through a large area of burnt vegetation. The regrowth was beautiful.

Above - the trail we continued on, can be seen mid centre.
Below - snack view of Numinbah Valley. The Natural Arch is opposite.

Back view of Surprise Rock.

We took a short side trail to the Ballungui Falls and passed the Nagarigoon Falls.

Walking between the falls on a branch of Nixon's Creek, was just delightful.

I can't resist a good log! 
This one at the top of the falls, which we couldn't actually see. Just small cascades and rock pools.

Australia's largest skink - The Land Mullet.

Beautiful berries on delicate stems.

Native orchid.

Another perfect morning hiking 'down under!'

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  1. What a lovely walk! I love your tropical forests - so different from the Pacific NW.

  2. What Linda said.... I echo. Never heard of wiping your feet BEFORE walking in the woods. Certainly makes sense! Great post.

  3. Wonderful as always, I enjoy walks through the rainforests with you! :)

  4. So lucky to have hiker groups where you live! Looks so tropical!

  5. Just enjoyed that hot and humid escape as I get ready to face the cold and dry here.