Friday, 19 January 2018

Beating the Heat

The extreme heat of Christmas day abated, after a week of thunderstorms brought a total of 200mm or 8 inches of rain. However, since New Year's Day, the mercury has steadily climbed, along with intense humidity. These conditions climaxed at the weekend, with 2 unbearable days of 38C / 100F.
Sunday evening we were surprised and delighted with the arrival of a cool change, ushered in via gale force winds. Best of all, the humidity is now negligible.

Both The Hungry Hikers and the Gaiter Girls have tried to adapt to these hot, muggy conditions.

The Hungry Hikers have opted for late afternoon walks, starting about 5pm.

Week 1 - 10 km Wynnum foreshore and wetlands.

Flame tree

Supermoon rising.

Week 2 - 10km Brisbane River circuit and picnic tea at Wilson's Lookout.

Sunset over the city from the lookout.

Week 3 - Southport to Surfer's Paradise, returning on the new light rail tram.
The Broadwater at Southport.

The tranquillity of Main Beach.

After our first walk was cancelled because of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain, The Gaiter Girls decided on early starts, that saw us walking in the mountains by 7am.

Week 1 - coping with the rain.

Week 2 - Lower Ballanjui Falls and Bellbird Circuit, Binna Burra. [13km]

Week 3 - Return to the Coomera Circuit, Binna Burra, showcasing our magnificent rainforest to an English visitor. [20kms]
There was a wondrous abundance of waterfalls, creek crossings, sounds and smells of the bush. Mother Nature even produced a Gum-leaf Katyid, lizards, a few Pademelons and a black snake. 

Setting off at 7am.

More extreme heat has hit southern Australia, with Melbourne hitting 42C today. Hopefully this won't reach us.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

The Bonus of Visiting Ben.

Late November, I flew to Calgary, Canada to meet my 2 month old Grandson. It was a very special two weeks, which flew far too quickly.

My heart was filled with joy each time I held this precious bundle, but the added bonus was enjoying the magnificent landscape that surrounds where my son and family live. I was fortunate that the temperature was mild at the time of my visit. It ranged from 6C to -7C during the day. A week later the range was -20C to -39C and fresh snow. I would have loved the fresh snow, but I am not sorry to have missed the extreme cold.

When Ben was asleep, Stuart and I would take Gunner their Sheba dog, for a walk along the Bow River, just a ten minute walk from their unit.

The river just 2 weeks before my visit.

On the afternoon, of the day after my arrival.

As we walked back to the unit, we spotted the near, full moon rising.

I watched for it over the next several nights and on the sunrise walks [9am]

The walks with Gunner were regular, with the views mesmerising me on each visit.

Midmorning, 2nd December.

Monday 4th - We took the 10 minute drive into Canmore for Gunner to have a much needed, long walk, for exercise. The drive down the valley to Canmore was superb! 

The walk was equally so!

Sunset, 5 December - view east.

View west.

Sunrise, 6 December - setting off walking at 8.30am.

Midmorning Stuart and I drove to Cochrane to collect a parcel. The vistas were stunning.

And the sunset was hard to beat as well.

Midday, 7 December - Driving to Banff, Cascade Mountain dominated the skyline.

Cascade Mtn, as seen through the wing mirror of the car, as we drove home.

The sun was up on the 8th when we took Gunner for his morning stretch. His brother Magner was visiting.

Sunset on the 9th.

Sunrise on the 10th.

Sunset on the 10th.

Sunday, 11 December.
Sunrise - the morning was magical beyond belief. My post "Sunrise at Deadman's Flat" has many more pics.

Mid-afternoon Stuart and I took Gunner for another long walk, along the Bow River in Canmore.

Monday 12 December - mid-afternoon we took a drive along the Bow Valley Parkway, returning via the Trans Canada Highway, with a brief visit to the entrance to Johnson's Canyon.

The photo of the plane wing was taken just a couple of hours out of Brisbane, on my return flight. The light was quite eerie. We landed at 6 am. The sun is actually rising behind us, giving the unusual blue sky.

My time with Ben and his Mum and Dad passed all too quickly. A return visit in April can't come quickly enough.

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