Thursday, 2 July 2020

Celebrating with the Hungry Hikers

Wednesday 1st July, Canada Day

This time last year, my husband I were on Prince Edward Island, with our son, his wife and our darling Grandson, Ben. Festivities for Canada Day were poorly supported as the day was so cold, wet and miserable. Braving the conditions, we watched the human Canadian flag being created and then partook of the delicious and warming food, from the many food vans. There was definitely no queuing required.

Thanks to Covid19 we won't be returning to visit in the foreseeable future. It is quite heart breaking. Our Grandaughter could be 18 months old before we meet her. A good friend of ours had his sister from Canada visit in late January. She was to return to Canada in mid April, but of course all flights ceased before she could rearrange her ticket. Alas she doesn't know when she will be able to return and is missing her Grandchildren, especially as July 1st loomed. Knowing exactly how she was feeling, I made a plan to celebrate with her.

In conversation with my early morning walking buddy Mary, we came up with endless ideas as to how the day should pan out. I will add here that it was brilliant day.

My scarecrows still sit in our front garden, spreading good cheer to all who continue to walk daily. They definitely had to be part of the fun.

And, at the end of the day, we made a video to send to Ben and Nora. Their 1st July would begin in  several hours.

We had chosen the Eddie Santaguiluana Trail on the Cleveland waterfront for our walk, as it was only 10 mins from our friend's home. The trail had only been recently discovered, so this was a perfect day to explore it, after a delicious morning tea.

The tide was just beginning to ebb when we arrived at 9.30 but the bay was mirror calm. It was a perfect backdrop to our  morning tea picnic. Sadly the best laid plans can go astray and our guest was unable to join us, because of a last minute unavoidable appointment.

Hungry Hiker Jenny will have a  Canadian Daughter in law next year. I have my Canadian family on PEI and a sister in law, at Niagra on the Lake. Between us we have many Canadian friends, so we toasted them all. Cheers to Andra, Elizabeth, Leslie, Tina, Greeba, David and Marie, to name just a few.

The table is set. 
Jenny and I send hugs across the miles.

We had to stay alert as the local Magpies and Noisy Minors, wanted to join us. The Lorikeets just quietly watched from their nest and then preened themselves.

Eventually we packed up and set off on the trail. About 500 m on, 2 young girls were standing still under a gum tree and pointing. We were excited that they had spotted a koala, quite often seen in this area. They informed us that a mother and joey had recently be seen, but they weren't having any success spotting them. Throughout our 12 km walk we were constantly looking to the treetops but we were as succesful as they had been.

The trail.

At the creek crossing we were entertained by ducks, Musky Moorhens and Magpies. This area might be the habitat for koalas, but it is also appears to have a large colony of Magpies. I have never seen so many so close together before.

Male and  female Chestnut Teal Duck.

Magpies and Moorhen

We were a little surprised that this coastal walk rarely gave us a glimpse of the sea. It was mostly bordered by thick mangrove swamps, with the shady canopy overhead, of swamp melaleucas, stately white gums, wattle and casurinas, among others.

The prolific blossoms on this Pointsettia, begged for us to be photographed with them.

As we returned to our picnic area, we deviated slightly and walked through a lovely grove of trees. A plaque informed us that the 100 trees of the avenue were planted for 100 years of Rotary Service in the Cleveland area.  Rather special I thought, if only I could recall the name of these trees.

In our absence the tide had further receded, but the view was still serene as we sat reflecting on a marvellous day Down Under with friends, whilst thinking of our friends far away, across the Pacific.

Dare I say, a perfect winter's day. Not at all chilly! We deserve it. Our summers are so long, hot and humid.
[A doggy bag of Canadian treats was delivered to our friend, before driving home.]

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Friday, 26 June 2020

Just a Hint of Autumn

Tuesday 2 June

The Gaitor Girls chose Springwood Conservation Park for there first walk back together.  It was a chilly 12C as we set off. The steep terrain soon had us taking layers off and the beauty of Lake Dennis warmed our hearts.

A controlled burn.

We somehow managed to be on the wrong side of the fence.

Winter walking is the best!

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