Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Happiness is ............... Part 2

Happiness is returning to the English countryside.

2015 was the last time I visited, hiking Wainright's Coast to Coast with friends. This time my husband is my companion. He has found us delightful accommodation in the tiny rural village of Goodrich, in the Wye River Valley.

This morning we stepped out our door and commenced our 10km walk along the Wye River and over Coppett Hill. The temperature was in the mid 20's but the humidity was quite high.

Track description - Some of the best scenery in the UK, it takes one to the tranquil scenes of the Wye, on little used paths and tracks. The walk involves a gentle ascent of the entire, nearly 2 miles of Coppett Hill Ridge. The terrain is varied with broadleaf woodland, riverside pasture and open hill. As you ascend, there are superb panoramas, with views to the Welsh hills.

Our hosts lovely garden greets us as we leave, and go on to pass the local post box.

We hike above the village school, happy children calling to one another. They appear to have a small maze, in their grounds.

Someone has been busy tidying the trail.

It was nescessary.

Wheat ready for harvest.

Still in the village, we walk through the grounds of St Giles Church.

Exiting the grounds. 

First views of Coppett Hill as we walk below a high wall of someone's garden.

Another lane. 

Our first stile and walk across a field of grazing sheep.

Stinging nettles were difficult to avoid on this overgrown path. 

Keep to the left of the garage!

First view back to Goodrich. 
A wooded section, with huge magnificent trees, gradually took us down to the river.

The River Wye 

Canadian Geese and swans loved this reach of the river.

Beautiful meadow to stroll across before the ascent. 

Little cabin in the wood! 

Coldwell Rocks, not far from the very popular Symonds Yat.

The ascent begins. 

Goodrich from on high. 

The blurb didn't mention the steep descent back to the village! 

Happy times  here in the Wye Valley.

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