Thursday, 10 October 2019

Autumn Heaven

27 Sept - 14 October

Visiting Prince Edward Island for my Grandson's 2nd birthday, I was hopeful of seeing some autumn colour. Initially the trees in the vicinity of my son's home were showing just a little colour. It has been wonderful, to be able to watch the colours change from the warmth of his lounge.

Walks near by were also rewarding.

At the bus stop.

A week after arriving, the weather improved and I took myself on a 15km walk along the Confederation Rail Trail, heading north from Charlottetown. I thought I had gone to Autumn Heaven but it turned out to be only be only the start of my journey to there.

On Saturday, I thought our family drive was just to see pumpkins. The pumpkins were awesome, but we continued on to Moonie Pond. It's autumn colours were sensational.

Stuart finished work at 1pm on Tuesday. On his arriving home, the rain clouds were rapidly clearing so he suggested we drive to Bonshaw Provincial Park, not too far down the road from Cornwall. On previous visits, my husband and I have hiked there several times BUT not in autumn!

View as we drove down.

The brighter light set the colours alight and I walked for two hours constantly stopping, not just to photograph, but to stand quietly in awe of the beauty we were surrounded by. 

Views on the return journey.

I was about to post this, when my son came home from work and suggested we return to Moony's Pond, as it was such a lovely afternoon.

The colours had really popped over the course of the week and had me jumping for joy. What a wonderful son I have.

I am so grateful for this special time with my son and his family. The bonus of autumn has truely put the cream on the cake. I have never before witnessed autumn in its full glory.

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