Sunday, 12 February 2017

Coochiemudlo Island

Thursday 9 February

Our hot spell continues, so a 6.45 am departure was set for our departure to our island destination.

I had heard welcome rain falling through the night and a light drizzle was falling when I woke at 5am. The radar showed a passing heavy cloud, but there was little else on the horizon, even though the sky looked dark and heavy.
Yes our day would go ahead.

The ominous clouds to the east, from our ferry to the island.

Our 'Coochie' view was much brighter.

With the full moon just 2 days away, the incoming tide was very high, in contrast to my previous visits. 
We circumnavigated the island, a distance of just 7kms. Given the heat, we were happy when it was completed and cooled down with a refreshing swim at a sandy beach. A few light showers passed over, but we delighted in their cooling droplets.

The variety of soils is quite varied from clay, to sandstone, igneous and white sand.

The hot, steamy and airless western side of the island, supports a mangrove ecosystem. Muddy at low tide, this morning it was looking particularly beautiful.

As was the red towering cliff over the mangroves.

Volcanic rock seemed out of place at the water's edge.

A lonesome mangrove.

A peaceful cove.

Beached monsters.

Feeling small beside the roots of these 2 fallen tree trunks.

Enjoying their day.

These boats sum up what appears to be a very relaxed lifestyle on the island.

Today's visit was in contrast to the clear blue sunny skies and crystal clear blue water of a year ago, but it was still a winner.

An add on. I mentioned that our hot weather was continuing. Well it is not just in my area, but across Australia as this weather map for today [Sunday] shows and Mary, bushfires have broken out across New South Wales. The purple is the hottest temps. Quite unbelievable when you consider the distances. E to W - 4000 kms and N to S - 3 1/2 000 kms.

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  1. That heat is awful. Stay cool. Looking at your pictures, the whole place looks like Salvador Dali designed it. Amazing. Thanks.

  2. Interesting colored rocks and soil. The beaches look wonderful. Sorry about the beastly heat wave. Wish I could send some cold breezes your way!

  3. Nice to know about island. Have a nice time!

  4. Wow - so hot! What fascinating landscape!

  5. Extraordinary photos, Helen! Surprisingly, the lonesome mangrove surrounded by water looks soothing. It's like from a dream, but a serene one.
    Are there temperatures in Celsius in the map? 45? That looks indeed like a hell on earth. I do hope the weather will change soon!! Take care!

  6. Yes they are in celsius Sara. In the centre of Australia, this and higher, is not unusual for much of summer. For the whole country to be suffering is new. I'm pleased to report that the temperature has dropped to 30C for a few days at least.

  7. Gosh Helen no wonder you have been paying particular attention to the wintery scenes I have been posting! Your "peaceful cove" looks beautiful. Sending positive vibes your way for temperatures to cool down and everyone to be safe.

  8. This brings back great memories of day trips to Coochie and walking around the island when my kids were younger.

    1. We too took our children across. It's a beautiful, safe place to spend a summer's day.

  9. We were a little disappointed not to have time to see some of the local Brisbane sights when we visited a few years ago. I saw that "hell on earth" article as well