Saturday, 18 February 2017

Incredible Nature of Springbrook

Wednesday 15 February

The Hungry Hikers set off at 7am for Springbrook's marvellous, Twin Falls trail. This was to be my 6th visit in 4 years and it never fails to send my happiness metre soaring. Today was again magical.

The yellow breasted robin joined us at morning tea.

Editing the photo, I accidentally made it black and white and loved the effect.

Eating MT, my eyes were drawn to an unfurling tree fern leaf.

A delightful meander down to the main trail followed.

Seeing unusual tree shapes. 

And the eucalyptus shedding huge lengths of bark.

Joc also captured this lovely shot, as we headed through the bracken to the trail.

Soon we were admiring the view across the valley to a far cliff face. This we would ascend, when we completed our circuit.

As we arrived at this small bridge, we had made a lot of noise, posing for a photo for Jenny. When I turned round I spotted movement where the red circle is.

A carpet snake or python slithered onto the trail. These are not poisonous, so we felt comfortable standing relatively close to capture his beauty.

A great shot by Jocelyn.

He just couldn't quite decide to cross the bridge or not.

At this point, he is hiding on the steps off the bridge.

Finally, he decided to swim across to the bank. Fantastic to watch.

Continuing on, there was a splash of red, amid the lush green.

Splashes from the Blackfellow Falls.

Distant view of the Rainbow Falls.

Delicate pink of the Helmholtzia lily.

Vibrant green of the soaring, tree fern.

Dramatic rock features.

And the symmetrical beauty of a delicate moth.

After completing this circuit we drove to the entrance to the Purling Brook Trail. Normally we hike this trail 1st, but I changed this for today's walk, so that we could swim in the Warringa Pool and have a relaxed picnic lunch, sitting on the surrounding rocks. On arrival, police tape cordoned off the entrance, news crews were milling round and a park ranger informed us we couldn't enter. We discovered later that, a hiker had discovered a partially submerged body in the pool of the Purling Brook Fall, at about 9.30am. Very sobering.

The decision was made to drive to the Best of All Lookout and eat lunch there. As we drove higher up the mountain, the clouds were lowering and the temperature dropped dramatically. I love the feel of 'mountain cold'.  A temperature we hadn't experienced for several months. 

As we entered the trail, mist swirled and not long after, rain fell.

We were thwarted again. No view and definitely not a pleasant spot for picnicking.

Not sure where we would find a covered table, we set off back down the mountain and fortunately found a perfect spot, beside the local community hall, war memorial and children's playground. We were fully able to enjoy the colourful mural, depicting the Springbrook area and its flora and fauna. I hope you recognise the cliff face and waterfall from my earlier photos.

Yes it had been hot and sweaty, but we all agreed it is definitely worth being out and about in our amazing great outdoors, down under, no matter what the weather.

Our hike may have been shortened, but having lunch beside this incredibly convincing mural, was definitely a bonus to the day.

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  1. *Sigh!* What amazing views and wonderful green plants. It's not surprising the place sends your happiness metre soaring (what a lovely expression!).
    What are those hanging red "berries"?
    (Your photo of) the tree fern is gorgeous. I could sit all day under it contemplating. :)
    How is the weather now? Again I send you refreshing thoughts from my snowy paths. It's snowing now.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Sorry! Happy MONDAY! I never remember that you are so MANY hours ahead of us!

    2. Dear Sara, thanks for your refreshing snowy thoughts, they helped to make me feel cooler, more than the storm that just came through. The extremes, like 35 plus have gone, but it's the high humidity that keeps us feeling drained. We could have the humidity until the end of March.

      I've now learnt the name of the red berry bush. Thank you. It is the walking stick palm. You might like to google it.

      Perhaps you might not sit too long if the leeches are about, but I know what you mean.

  2. What a beautiful place for a hike. Very cool you ran into that (thankfully non-poisonous) python. Sorry your second hike didn't happen but I'm sure you were glad for the cool rain shower.

  3. Dear Helen, so lucky for you you didn't do your swim 1st, such a sad event.
    Your walks always look so amazing, what a wonderful place to live and a yellow breasted robin, truly magical indeed!! You all look so carefree and relaxed in the last photo and I can see why.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and thank you for your happy visit :)

  4. Another great post. Loved the snake shots. And--- I think you were the only one who commented on my blog or on Facebook who seemed to get my title of the picture of the house in the woods. Too Subtle? Oh well. Thanks again for your posts, and your visits.

  5. Even though the clouds may have obscured the view, I'm guessing you welcomed the cooler temperatures after the heat you've been talking about in earlier blogs.

    Our robins are orange breasted. My favorite photo from this post was the beautiful ferns providing a canopy overhead.

    1. We loved the change to coolness. We are hiking in Lamington National Park plateau, because the temperature is several degrees cooler than where we live.
      I'm constantly oohing and aahing over the tree ferns, especially as the sunlight comes through their fronds. Endless photos have to be deleted on my return home.

  6. Loved the snake photos - very exciting. I was rather disappointed we never saw a snake when we were in Queensland but I don't think the family felt the same!