Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Back to the Rainforest - Box Forest Circuit.

Wednesday 25 January

Our summer weather this year has been very hot and humid. To date our walking has been local and starting very early, i.e. 5.30am.
This week we decided to see if the rainforest up at O'Reilly's, on Green Mountain was cooler.

The view when we arrived at Kamarun Lookout at 7.20am was breathtaking. Clear skies and not a hint of humidity.

The view NE.

Australia day was the following day, so our very early morning tea had an Aussie theme.
Anzac biscuits and lamingtons.

The view west.

The hike almost got off to a bad start when I slipped off a ledge, whilst taking a photo of our departure.

We all quickly agreed we had stayed away from the forest far too long. We had forgotten about the tall giants.

What a tenacious old man this tree is - Pink Barked Brush Box. Some of them [perhaps this one] in this area, have been radio carbon dated at 1500 years, the oldest giants on the Australian mainland.

Front view

Side view.

Back view and still living!

Upper view

We had forgotten the scrunching sound of forest litter as we walked and the variety of fungi and forest fruit.

Mossy rotting trees

The sound of birds and basking lizards.

Palms and falling trees.

The constantly changing light.

But best of all, for 1/3 of the hike] we had forgotten the wonderful sound of tumbling steams and cascading waterfalls.

Our rainforest trees tend to have small insignificant flowers. I found this bloom on the path and had to spend some time looking up, to establish which tree it had fallen from.

It is definitely the journey that counts. Not the distance - just 12 kms.

My husband and I celebrated Australia Day quietly, with a BBQ with friends.

Our 'tucker' must have been smelling pretty good, as we got some extra Aussie visitors.

We revelled in this hike so much, we are heading back again this week.

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  1. We loved the rainforests when we visited a couple of years back but it was the winter so I'd love to see them in the wet when they really come to life. Are the birds honeyeaters?

  2. What spectacular trees! I'm glad you weren't hurt as you slipped from your perch!

  3. Good to see you out hiking in your home turf! What an incredible tree! Happy Australia day to you.

  4. I imagine that the clear and dry morning must have been a wonderful time... I really enjoyed the pictures-- especially the two freeloaders in the last shot.

  5. What a wonderful trip, Helen! I don't know what was the best thing, the gorgeous view in the first photo, the amazing trees, waterfalls... or perhaps the lamingtons. :)
    The birds look funny... and oh there's lavender blooming!
    Thank you very much for sharing. Have a happy February!