Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mediteranean Cruise and other incidentals.

 Cruise - Friday 21st October  to Friday 28th October.

We departed from Barcelona at 7 pm.

Day 2 - Marseille

Cathedral of Marseille
Harbour and Basilica of Marseille
17th century Fort Saint Jean / Museum of European Civilisations.

Day 3 - wet Genoa

Ancient Roman Arch with Columbus gardens in the back ground.
Wonderful shops and an amazingly tiled footpath.
Monumental Gate, built 19th C, where one entrance to the city had been.
Harbour and lighthouse, dating back to 1300's.

Day 4 - Naples.
 We took a tour, south to Sorrento.

View of Naples from our boat.
View of Mt Vesuvius from our boat.
Sorrento beach [south of Naples] as seen from the clifftop, before we descended on a zigzag path.

Day 5 - Messina
Again we took a tour. Morning at Nt Etna. Afternoon at the hilltop town of Taorina.

Mt Etna was the highlight of the cruise for me. Its massive smoking crown, surrounded by vast fields of craters and lava flows was quite something to see.


Day 6 - Malta
I would love to return to Malta. Its soft caramel coloured, sandstone buildings against the blue sea were magnificent. Inland from the Port of Valletta, the old fortified city of Mdina was a magical town. Its sandstone buildings, narrow lanes, lack of vehicles and views across the plains was stunning.

Day 7 - Mallorca.
The boat moored at 9pm. Not long after we left on a 3 1/2 hour tour of the city of Palma and a flamenco dance exhibition. The show was at a ranch out in the country and contrary to our expectations, was spectacular. 
The cathedral in the night light was imposing, but no-one really wanted to explore down town at 12 pm. The ship used to visit Tunisia until the death of tourists on the beach there, hence the strange arrival time.

Setting off to travel, one has a fairly clear picture of the places to be visited. It is the unexpected sights, that increases ones overall enjoyment of the visit. For me, it was the sights I would never see here in Australia.

I always have to have a window seat. Suddenly the Nile River was below.

Donkey and carriage - Seville.

Firewood delivery - Trevelez, Andalusia.

The tastiest green olives I've ever had - Sorrento.

Dining in an outdoor restaurant with my football fanatic husband, who discovered ours was the only restaurant without a TV to watch. His head kept swivelling to see the different games. 

Elaborate street signs in all the cities.

Beautiful mosaics.

Mosaics, balconies, balustrades and hanging baskets - Granada

Knitted pot plant covers - Trevelez.

Pot plant sculpture - Cordoba.

Alleys and corridors, just begging one to investigate.

Sooooo many wonderful doorways.

Unusual window.

And the markets - inside and out!

Not what I was expecting to see in the Great Bazaar of Granada.

Movie action - Barcelona.

Coffee time is people watching time.

These people were carrying a banner - Association of Capi, Seville. Google didn't help me out. 
The remaining 3 shots are of an unusual wedding and procession.

A gallant suitor.
This was not staged. I just happened upon it.

Lisbon light poles - Columbus's boat.

Intricate street lamp.

Decorative garden wall - Seville.

Unusual pruned tree - Madrid.

Osborne Bull. - initially an advertising gimmick, but now seen through most of Spain.

This bull was on our Andalusian hike. 
We still haven't been able to have it translated clearly, but we think it means - 'Bulls in the area'.

The number of scooters on the roads is mind boggling, particularly Barcelona.

Impressive toilet vacilities - Lisbon. 
We quite happily paid 1 euro. The display on the back wall is made from coloured toilet paper rolls.

Marilyn Monroe waving to us in Barcelona.

Traditional Portuguese rooster statues. 
I've just discovered we should have seen the one on the left at night. [1600 LED lights] Also, it is off to China for Chinese New Year.

Beautiful letter box - Barcelona.

The local bakery.

I watched this playground scene for quite some time, as we sat drinking coffee in a cafe at the base of the Tibidabo, clog rail, Barcelona. The playground was on top of a distant high building. The child in the red stripes had been sitting forlornly by him / herself for quite some time. Then the little girl joined him without fuss. I was delighted to see both of them join in the games, before we left.

So lovely to see little girls still being little girls.

Portuguese flag atop the Castle Jorge.

And so finally my saga of our incredible Spanish holiday comes to an end. It has been marvellous to browse through all my photos and research details, so quickly forgotten. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my posts. They are greatly appreciated.
Now it is time to get back into the Aussie bush, even with our high summer temperatures and humidity.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. oh wow what great sites you managed to two favourites the Mt Etna crater and that letter box!!
    I think some times a trip like this gives you just a taste of a place and helps you decide which you would like to return to one day. It certainly whet my appetite to visit some of those places, thank you xxx

    1. Thanks Lyn. Trips like this do whet the appetite, but unfortunately Europe is so far away, with so much to see, it is unlikely we revisit. What I would dearly love to is spend a long time hiking in the UK. I just love the English countryside. Alas our dollar is so poor against the pound it is unlikely to happen, so I will continue to enjoy your Sunday afternoon walks.

  2. Another wonderful post---- Loved the cactus through the window, and the bull on the hill. Fantastic!!

    1. Thanks Bill. It was so so difficult to select pics.
      The cactus was actually through a decorative cliff railing! The views from the village were stunning and the beach so far away.

  3. Wow, you had quite a trip! I can't believe how many countries you visited, and how many sights you were able to see. I really enjoyed reading all your recaps.

    What's your next big trip? :)

  4. Thanks Linda. It was wonderful!
    Dare I say mid May - Rhine Cruise [an unbelievable bargain, we couldn't miss. Less than half price. We might be rowing.] Walking in Switzerland and the Italian dolomites.

  5. What a magnificent tour you had! So many priceless experiences!
    In our cold and harsh winter, I can only dream of all that beauty and warmth and sunshine. :)
    My favourite photo is the number 19. The view to the private garden is perfect, with the beautiful colour of the walls and the brilliant green of the plants.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I can't imagine how many photos you took along the way. What a big job editing all the photos to share with us! But I am so glad that you did, as you got some amazing shots and shared your journey is such a wonderful way. Thank you!

  7. I've just loved all your posts and photos. I have so many new places I now want to visit.