Sunday, 3 July 2016

West Canungra Creek Circuit

Thursday 30 June

My second hike of the week, 16.5 kms, on another perfect winter's day.
Coffee was enjoyed near the mountain top, with a glorious 360 degree panorama view.
Including magnificent Mt Lindsey.

Soon after setting off, we found another gentle giant had fallen during our last weather event.

So difficult to capture the size of this very old red cedar - so many spotted on this trail, filling us with awe.

Typical condition of the trail.

We set out to hike the Box Circuit. We came to a t- junction and opted to turn left onto the longer, West Canungra Circuit, as we had been making such good time. The trail wound down endlessly, until this view met our eyes. Little did we know, we would be spell bound by this tumbling creek for the next couple of kilometres.

Crossing no 1.

Crossing no 2.
Crossing no 3.

Boots off, icey cold crossing no 4.

Crossing no 5.

Reflection in a calm reach of the creek.

Ladybird enjoying the mossy tree trunk.
My favourite view of the day.

Had we known that this was where the trail began the long ascent back to O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat and our parked car, we would of rested here to eat our lunch. Ten minutes later we realised the uphill return had commenced, so we sat on the trail among the tree ferns, palms and soaring trees.

I am now in north Queensland with my friend Laurel and tomorrow we tackle the 30 km, Whitsunday Great Walk. Watch this space.

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  1. Lovely place---- And your usual job of taking us there. Thanks.

  2. I like seeing the forests you have where you live. Very different from the Pacific NW. Another wonderful hike! Good luck with the Whitsunday Great Walk.

  3. So lush and so green and so beautiful!