Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Still in the North

It was time to leave the Proserpine Canefields behind. 5.30 am saw me greeted at the Proserpine railway station with the news, that the Spirit of Queensland was running 1 hour late. My bag was checked in and I was told to return 1 hour later.  Benefit of being in a country town on a freezing cold morning.

Lovely Tully Train Station - able to get out and stretch for 10 mins.

Seven hours after departure, my brother Jim, met me at Innisfail Station. After a coffee and a platter of cheese, chocolate and cake, we headed for Ella Bay for a sunset walk along the beach.

There was great excitement when we spotted a pod of dolphins, swimming close to shore. This excitement escalated dramatically, when three leapt and gracefully dived back into the water. I had only just finished asking them to do so!

The following morning we were up at 4.30 to prepare for and make our way to The Pyramid, a 935 m peak, begging to be climbed - 6 kms return.

Jim, contemplating the climb he has already done 8 times previously. [in training to climb Mt Bartle Frere, Queensland's highest peak at 1622m]

The Pyramid taken after completion of the hike. We followed the ridge, central left to the top.

The trail steep and rocky.

But lovely vegetation.

How long before this giant boulder tumbles to the valley below?

Made it! 2 1/2 hours of heat, sweat and fogged glasses, but sooooo worth it. Cane fields in foreground. Cairns distant top right.
Northern view.

Western view.

Atherton Tableland on the horizon.

Eastern view - bottle brushes.

Missed this shady area going up, but cool and pleasant for a short rest on the descent.

What a shame I am going to be back in the south tomorrow. I won't be able to compete in this race. Jim has also found a prior engagement.

Hard work, but a sensational start for my few days of hiking with my brother, Jim.

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  1. Wow, that looks like quite a climb! Too bad you missed the race to to the top! (wink, wink!)

  2. I really like the shot from the car--- but then I really like all your pictures.

  3. So hiking runs in the family! It is wonderful that you can share the joy of hiking with your brother.