Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Glasshouse Mountains

It was fantastic to be back hiking with the Wednesday hikers. After the heat of the north, I was looking forward to cooler temperatures, but after days of cold, winter decided to send us a 
sweaty, 27 C. 
Our destination was the Glasshouse Mountains, a group of 11 volcanic plugs, dramatically rising above the surrounding landscape. They are remnants of volcanic activity 25 - 26 million years ago.

9 am saw us pull into a view point for the whole area. 

Timbrogargan 364m, on the right, was our destination for a 7 km circuit.

Mt Beerwah on the left is the highest at 556m. Mt Coonowrin or Crooked neck is 337m.

Approaching Timbrogargan.

Initially the trail had us climbing, but it soon settled to a relaxed hike through open woodland, heath and casuarina groves. There was one encounter with a brown snake, but thankfully he was quite keen to slither into the bush away from us.

On spotting this seat, it took us a couple of minutes to realise, we needed to look behind us for an awesome view of Tibrogargan. What well planned seating.

Almost back to the car park, a rise gave us a great view of Tibrogargan from its southern side.

A baby butcher bird joined us for lunch.

A ten minute drive had us at Mt Ngungun, 253m, for a 3 kilometre return climb. The vegetation was quite different here. The track soon became rocky and steep.

View half way.

The final scramble to the first view point. Background - view to Caloundra and the Pacific Ocean.

The final destination just seen. in the distance.

Some of the 360 degree views. 
Mt Tibrogargan.

Mt Beerwah and Crooked Neck.

Our happy hot faces, reflect our satisfaction of a rewarding, successful day's hiking down under!

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  1. Those volcanic plug mountains are very dramatic! Nice views from on top.

  2. Wonderful views from Tibrogargan! Nice series, Helen!

  3. Que maravilha de fotografias no meio da natureza e belas montanhas.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  4. I would have much preferred the first half of your hike - less taxing! But the sights were beautiful all the way. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What stunningly beautiful country. Awesome hike girls.

  6. Your winter is warmer than our summer. :)
    Fabulous views and it was very interesting to learn about volcanic plugs.

    1. I climbed another volcanic plug yesterday. Watch this space. Australia is such an old country in terms of geography. Our mountains have been heavily weathered over millions of years leaving the volcanic plugs revealed.

  7. I remember seeing these from the Bruce Highway when we drove up to Hervey Bay. Fascinating rock features