Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Trail for 'Cool Adventurers' - Chermside Hills

Wednesday 29 June

We had arrived at the Raven Street entrance to todays' walking trails by 9 am. It was a tad chilly as we sat enjoying delicious cake and hot coffee, before we visited the impressive Downfall Creek Bushland Centre, a wonderful place for children to learn about the surrounding environment. We were able to gather a selection of maps for future walks.

Immediately outside is a sensory trail for visitors. It caters for those with special needs with a solid path, handrails and tactile signage of braille and raised text. Audio guides are available.

Viewing pipes draw the eye to points of interest like ant nests, possum boxes etc.

On discovering the sign below, we were certain we had found our trail for the day.

Here are the  'cool adventurers' leaving the sensory trail and heading off towards Milne Hill Reserve.

The brochure informed us, that we would venture through open forest, woodland and dry rainforest. With the sun glinting warmly through the trees, we were rapt to be out and about on this winter's day.
Bush views.

A tad damp here.

Animals spotted - Wallaby and joey.
Brush turkey and nest.

No koala's, but signs of their presence was spotted on several trees.

Native bees were buzzing furiously in and out of the trunk of this gum.
The magpies were diving in and snapping them up in their beaks. Sadly I didn't manage a clear photo.
Mallard ducks
Wood ducks

Wildflowers - bottle brush


Where there was water, there was an abundance of the majestic tree ferns.

We hiked nearly 9 kms and were surprised at how much ascent and descent this included. Mostly it was in enclosed bush, but on occasion we had views of the busy suburban world. Yet again we are grateful to the Brisbane City Council for saving another green area for all to enjoy.

Prince Charles Hospital

12 kms away, Brisbane CBD. 

15 kms away the Gateway Bridge.

The views to the hinterland were much more to my liking.

Our day in the great outdoors 'down under' was refreshing and invigorating. I might not like our chilly mornings, but our sunny winter days are hard to beat.

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  1. What a lovely park! Thanks for sharing you wildlife photos too.

  2. Interesting wood ducks. Love the magpie. As usual, Helen, wonderful pictures which made me feel like I'd been there. Thanks.

  3. It is so wonderful having these green spaces within close proximity of the cities. Something for all to treasure.