Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Back enjoying the Aussie rainforest - Springbrook National Park

To better enjoy the photos, please click on them to increase their size.

During the past few days, nature has been wowing us with her beauty. On Monday my husband captured these parading pelicans on the pond below our house. Sadly I was out and about and missed them.

Full moon the same evening.

Sunset the following day.

Sunrise this morning. 
By the time I got my camera, I had missed the fiery reds that filled the sky.

Today, an hour's drive had us in the Springbrook National Park. Often visited because of its rainforests and waterfalls, it was chosen for this week's hike, as a rain event at the weekend, dumped over 4 inches in a 24 hour period.
Top of the Purling Brook Falls.
View before our descent
Tanninaba Falls halfway down to the Purling Brook Falls
First view of its base.
So difficult to capture its full height.
I was mesmerised by the cascade of water tumbling over the rocks at its base.
After hiking a further 2 kilometres to the Waringa Pool, we returned to the base of these falls and crossed over  the footbridge put in place earlier this year to create a circuit walk. A total of 8kms hiked on this trail.
Crossing the bridge I was able to get a better view of this wonderful cascade. We were surprised at how clear the water was, only 3 days since the downpour. The forest floor showed every evidence of torrents of muddy water.

The wonderful sound of the water tumbling over rocks, roots and tree stumps, accompanied us for the majority of this hike.

Waringa Pool and waterfall

The many faces of the rainforest trail.

The view to the Gold Coast, as we made the descent to the Twin Falls, a short, steep, 2 km hike.

It isn't the wildflower season. The only colour we spotted was from these golden brushes of a grevillea, catching the afternoon sunshine.

On our return to the trail head, we enjoyed a coffee before heading home. We loved the company of these birds, as we relaxed in our peaceful surroundings. Unusually, they remained still long enough for a few photos to be snapped. The yellow is a Yellow Robin, but I haven't been able to identify the lovely, silvery blue bird as yet.

Only three in our gang this week, but we agreed that we should make our next rainforest visit, sooner rather than later. 
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  1. What a waterfall! It looks very tall, is it as high as Multnomah Falls? You captured some great images of the flowing water. I liked the trees in your rainforest too.

    1. I checked and it came up as 598m. I thought, surely not! Then I realised they were giving me its elevation. It is a 106 m [348 ft]. Multnomah's main drop is 165m.

  2. What a wonderful place! Great pictures. And I really liked your sunrise--- Flaming sunrises are common enough, but this one was delicate and exquisite.

  3. Forests & Falls make a great pairing!

  4. Such lovely photos! Reminds me of our recent visit to Australia. How disappointed you must have been to have missed the pelicans.

  5. Thanks. This is the walk I would have taken you on, had you made it further north.

  6. Such wonderful photos! Waterfalls are spectacular! Oh, why don't we have any? :)
    Some of those giant trees look almost scary... The little birds look incredibly sweet. And the views from your home look very, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Wonderful photos as always Helen. The full moon rising over the water is just stunning... and not the easiest of photos to capture. We were clouded over on that night so I will have to wait another month to try again. Loving that you have made your photos all a little bigger too.