Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Home among the Gum Trees!

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Well, here I am back in Oz and feeling the jet lag blues, after our amazing Banff / Portland experiences.
Contrary to the blues skies overhead whilst we were away, the past few days have seen heavy skies and drizzle, with heavy rains forecast for the weekend. Today was 'Walking Wednesday' and rather than be deterred by the poor weather we adapted our plans - spend the morning exploring the Sherwood Arboretum and catch a movie at midday.

Sherwood Arboretum had been on my bucket list to visit for some time. Today seemed perfect to tick it off. Travelling to the Arboretum, we went in and out of showers and sunshine. Drizzle greeted our arrival, so we were grateful for a covered shelter to warm ourselves with a cup of coffee. The drizzle didn't let up, so we donned coats, hoisted our umbrellas and set off exploring.

This beautiful parkland was established in the early 1920's and is unique as it has 300 species of almost entirely native flora. We discovered that the wetland area is a well recognised bird watching 'hot spot' thanks to its protected islands. The parks grassy slopes sweep down to the Brisbane River  and a boardwalk, adding to the enjoyment of our visit to this heritage listed parkland.

Setting off in the drizzle.

I was missing the soaring Douglas Firs of our holiday, but these Giant Red Gums reminded me that Oz has a lot to admire.

A moody Brisbane River and boardwalk.

An unusual find - the native Burdekin Plum.

An avenue  of Queensland Kauri trees honour fallen soldiers, and were planted by local residents. Sadly quite a few of these trees were lost in the bad storm of January 2013.


Wetland inhabitants.

Is it a competition?

Purple swamp hen.
Magpie Geese
Little Pied Cormorant

As we returned to the car, the sky appeared to be clearing, but alas, it was just teasing. 

Not to worry, the morning spent in this parkland was quite enchanting and it was great to be back in Oz's great outdoors,with my hiking buddies.


  1. Glad you are safely home and back in your walking routine! Despite the rain, your walk looked beautiful. I enjoyed your photos of the gum trees and colorful birds.

  2. I'll bet you had a wonderful time! Still, it's always good to get back home. As usual, I enjoyed these pictures of the birds and the wetlands.

  3. Wait, you were in Portland? So close, so close. I love the wide variety of birds.

    1. I know! Linda's Lens looked after me extremely well.

  4. Such a lush green environment!

  5. Now that i've been to your blog i am browsing on your older posts. I wonder which part of Brisbane you are. I was there in Dec 2014 to visit a former housemate decades ago here in the Philippines. I also have cousins living there. I was on my way from a conference in Sydney to visit my sister in Auckland. It was hot during my 4 day visit, same as the Phil that time. I enjoyed my stay most specially my room there facing the forest of gum trees. I wish i can visit again.