Friday, 16 September 2016

Things that made me smile.

1. Fairy Wren
As I sit at my desk, I often hear the high, pitched trill of the fairy wrens in the native bushes of our garden. Eventually they tempt me outside with my camera and tripod, but the usual result is frustration. They constantly flit about giving me only glimpses of them. This week I was sitting at the back of our home with a friend, when 7 or 8 of them started trilling in the shrubbery.
I was not going to be teased by them, so didn't bother getting my camera. On this occasion however, they quite boldly sat on branches where we could see and enjoy their beauty. I still didn't rush for the camera, as I thought my movement would frighten them. Finally I could bare it know longer and the camera was quickly found. Soooooo glad I did!

As I sit typing I can hear them outside again, but for the moment I am happy with these photographs.

2. The little bit of spring in my garden.

3. My early morning walks up Mt Warren Hill.
The chill of winter has abated, but the humidity and heat of summer at this time of day, has yet to arrive. There is a spring to my step, as I listen to the birds, spot wallabies and enjoy the rugged beauty of the bush where I walk.
I've decided that Mt Warren Hill should be called Crow Mountain. A large flock appears to have taken possession of the hilltop. There are so many of them, that their raucous symphony almost has a melodic quality to it. 

4. Birdsong
This morning as I descended from the hilltop and escaped The Crow Symphony, I was delighted to hear 2 sets of Kookaburras laughing and the happy morning song of numerous other birds.

5. Taking a dare.
Yesterday I returned to Woodridge State School to volunteer at their Spring Fair. It was wonderful to be back with these good friends even if I had to have my hair braided. Alas I had a haircut appointment for 3.30, so the braid didn't stay in long!

I hope you have lots of things to make you smile. 
I would love to read your comment.


  1. Such cute little birds and your garden looks so beautiful!
    The Spring Fair looks nice. Oh, I'd love to have my hair braided.
    Happy Sunday... and happy spring! :)

  2. Those little birds are so cute! I'd be running for my camera too. Glad spring is coming to your part of the world.

  3. Lots to smile about! Good for you!

  4. Blue wrens are so adorable... but so hard to photograph. They just don't stay still long enough for me! You did very well.

  5. Love wrens and enjoyed the bird chorus. My sister taught at Woodridge 30 or more years ago.